Weekend plans

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After almost a month of sitting around being dizzy, I’m antsy at not doing anything really productive.  {I know, I’m sounding like my husband now.  It was bound to happen someday.}  Last weekend we spent both days out of the house – shopping.  It was fun at first, but we ended the weekend with a life hangover.  Too much “out” time, not enough “getting things done” time.

So, this weekend:

  1. This (it’s a link to the first of a twelve-week photography tutorial).  Way back when I started buying DSLR’s, I read the manual and learned how to adjust aperture while shooting in the training-wheels-helpful “P” mode (Nikon D40, then Canon Rebel XS).  On my big ol’ D90, though, I’m not doing something right.  Time to read the manual.  Also, I bought a 50mm prime (yay!) for cheap (super yay) and I need to get out and play with it.
  2. Since I can’t drive, I made a list of creative photography-ish things so I’d have a purpose.  I’ll show you when I’m done, but I will say this: if you were my dogs or cats, you should be very afraid. 🙂
  3. Furniture moving.  Chairs in one room into another, tables cleared, drawers emptied.  Moving day!

What’s going on with your weekend?


4 thoughts on “Weekend plans

  1. I have very minimal plans. Woohoo! That means projects done around the house–mostly ones that need finishing from last weekend. A little work in the garden, a little work in the nursery. More resting time than last weekend since I overdid it and my little ankles became slightly bigger.

  2. I always have such a long todo list going into the weekend… it never all gets accomplished. Hubby is on call so nothing to far from home. Today, bills, laundry, cleaning. Tonight a run and hopefully some ‘connecting’ time – we need it bad. Tomorrow off to a tailgate to visit with family – then home to watch lots and lots of football. Hopefully I’ll get some thank-you notes written while watching. Sunday there’s a soccer game to ‘coach/manage’ and hopefully a game night with friends. Woo. I’m tired already! Only one more week of being a SAHM… then I’ll be a WAHM 😦

  3. What should I be doing?
    1. The 3 presentations, readings, and paper due consecutively for the next two weeks.

    What will I be doing?
    1. Reorganizing the closets, buying more plastic holder bins in said reorganizing
    2. Tackle the shed in an effort to use some of that space to hold things?
    3. Cleaning
    4. Trying to convince Matt to let me buy that craigslist table

  4. Have a good weekend – and thanks for sharing the photography tutorial. I wish my cats didn’t act so scared when I held the camera to my face. They are indeed scared!

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