Slipcover tutorial?

I’m making a slipcover for my couch today, took the time a few weeks ago to put together the methodology for measuring, cutting, and piecing, and I’m finding it’s really speeding up the (laborious and hated) process of making these.  I’m now on my fifth for this sofa, my beloved Room and Board Jasper that’s seen better days but still has sturdy bones.

So, question: anyone interested in a tutorial?  I will note that my sofa has very boxy lines so this covers that kind of slipcover only.

Follow up question: do you know the basics of sewing?  As in, if I tell you I’m using half-inch seam allowances and that you need to make sure your pieces are correct in terms of nap, does that make sense to you?  If not, can you at least make a box cushion?  If not, can you thread your machine and sew a straight line?  Do you know your way around a fabric store and what kind of fabrics work well for slipcovers (hint: generally non-stretchy cottons with some heft).

If you’re interested, leave a comment and tell me specifically how rudimentary you’d need a tutorial to be.  I will warn you that I’m likely to charge some nominal amount for each “level” of tutorial because it takes me time to put them together, but I’ve yet to find a slipcover “pattern” that’s not either a) a $30 book with general guidelines or b) old-lady-ish and still requiring that you know how to follow a pattern and adapt it to your needs.  All the parts together — from the very beginning on how to sew a straight line and pin correctly through the actual nuts and bolts of the slipcover piecing — wouldn’t be more than like $25.  If you know the basics, you can get the slipcover piecing for $15.

Be honest.  If you’d only like the whole shebang if it’s free, say so.

And now, I’m back to sewing.  I hate sewing, but I’m such a sucker for the cost savings that comes from making your own stuff.  ARGH!


3 thoughts on “Slipcover tutorial?

  1. i would probably only buy the pattern/tutorial if it was $5-10… i know my way about a sewing machine pretty well, though, and am more looking for tips and tricks than an actual pattern, so i’m probably a unique case. i’ve never made a slipcover before… i give you props!

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