So, the Parenthetical Me forums are live

You should know this about me: diligence is not one of my charms.  Enthusiasm, however, is.

Thank you for both being interested in this little while-I-was-in-the-shower idea and for voting in last Friday’s poll.  Clearly you prefer a simple, clean design — as do I.  That said, I’ve struggled to hunt down enough third-party plugins to make the bbPress option as straightforward and secure as I’d like, so…

Option 3 is now live (look right up there above the banner for “Forum”).


  • I’m requiring that you include your first AND last name while registering, but only your first name will show on the boards unless you change your preferences.  I’m requiring last name so I can know that you are a real person.
  • I’ll be playing around with settings, including specifics on registrations, like whether I need to manually approve every registration or not.
  • Guests can see neither the forums or topics within.  We are now an exclusive club.
  • I disabled smileys.  Sorry, I hate smileys.  My forum, my choice – smileys suck.  I know, I know, only Nazis hate smileys.  What can I say?  I hate smiley.
  • If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll change the background of the little bubbles that tell you how many posts/ unread/ etc from pink to something less, well, pink.

So, have at it!  Post away!

Oh, one more thing: I think I’d prefer we not use le Twitter about this.  I’m not sure why, except that Twitter still seems a little more real-world than our happy little blogosphere and I don’t want weirdos (well, other than the ones I like, like you, of course) to come out of the woodwork.  I tweet about anything and suddenly I have followers with handles like getmoneynow, ya know?


9 thoughts on “So, the Parenthetical Me forums are live

  1. I’m assuming you have to validate registrations? I’ve received an ‘invalid registration status’ message when I’ve tried to logging in.

  2. Exciting! I don’t have time right now, but I’ll check it out later tonight or tomorrow for sure. Question: can we let others know privately (via email or twitter DM) about it or would you prefer to have people find it on their own?

  3. I love that you hate smileys! I use them, reluctantly, at work of all places to try to convey tone in IMs because that’s “how we do it.” I dislike it and would disable them there if I could.

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