So, the forums are…

… awesome!

Can I say that about forums hosted on my own blog?  But they are.  Well, almost (technologically) but truly (from a connectedness awesomeness discussion-ness perspective).

So, what must be done:

How to have truly threaded discussions?  I want this.  I’ll find a plugin or (ack) code one myself.  But as we know, I’m not a happy tester, so perhaps I’ll just keep searching.

I set a configuration to have threads go newest to oldest post thinking that was at the topic level.  Nope.  At the reply level, and very strange, so I’ll change it shortly.  Sorry for forcing you to rejigger your brain to follow along again.

There’s a thing where I can publish a blog post here and link it to a thread there – yay!  But what if I don’t want the thing I’m posting about public?  Well, then I’d have to password-protect it and give you the password in the forums – so you’d start there, come here, go back there.  Awkward.  Maybe not.

What else?  I want to stay focused on the awesomeness of talking about s*x and w*rk and s*ch with a bunch of chickies and not get all caught up in the technology, but I’m okay with tweaking the technology.

And hey – thanks.  I’ve been whining in my head about all these topics I want to talk about but can’t, and you’ve taken the time and effort to sign up for a danged account just to join me.  You guys are awesome.


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