If you're thinking about conceiving…

… babies, that is, and (like me) you’re not sure how to go from here (I’m thinking about it) to there (ready!), do consider signing up for Sara Cotner’s e-course, Purposeful Conception.

With one week to go, I am ready to say that it was well worth the $100 (okay, fine, $99 if you want to be all specific).  With daily blog posts introducing topics, worksheets and questions to get you thinking about your specific situation, and a forum to see what other people are thinking, I found it just the most perfect possible way to think about the things I need to think about without having to go overboard with researching and blog searching and oh-my-god-info-overload.  Plus, the assignments and questions were a good way to introduce my husband to the whole discussion without trying to figure out where to begin.  (Sometimes it’s hard to zoom out when you’ve been focused on the researching.)

We all know I’m a cheap-o, but even I haven’t had a single regret.  I just read (somewhere?) that she’s going to do one more session before she has a baby, so do your considering now so you don’t miss out.

{Note: I get no financial benefit from making this recommendation.  No affiliate program or anything.  I just got a lot of out it.}


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