So, November, huh?

This year has flown by.  Is that what happens?  The older you get the faster time passes?  Totally unfair.


I got a Serger yesterday.  This qualifies as major excitement around these parts.  Properly finished edges!  Construction AND finishing in one step!  Color-coded diagrams! (I’m serious about that last one.  Throwing caution — and online guidance — to the wind, I fully rethreaded the things all by myself just to start fresh.  It worked.  I love diagrams.)

I am now my mother, spending the weekend sewing things in my little room, hair in a crazy bun on the top of my head.


My husband is quasi-sick.  All of the sadness, none of the sleeping.  Dude! Sleep it off!  (Nope.)


Huck had nine (nine!) teeth extracted on Friday.  Poor little guy.  He rebounded very quickly, demanding to be fed that evening and succeeding in cleaning his paws all by himself by the following day.  He hates the meds I have to squirt in his mouth twice a day (I tasted – ugh, bitter) but is doing quite well, especially once I let Snickerdoodle in to his room to hang out with him.

She’s sweet, and she loves him.  She dutifully scratched in his litterbox, rearranged the “nest” of blankets, and gave him a bath.  I thanked her for her services last night, genuinely grateful to know he was being cared for.

Clearly I have a few loose screws, but it is a relief to know that he has a friend tending to his needs.  I got tears in my eyes when I went to check on him and realized he’d been freshly bathed.  By her.  Perhaps I’ll intrude later and snap a few pics.  They’re very sweet together.


Work is better.  We had a big org change, lots of “argh!” that’s hopefully settled down.  And I had a great discussion with a customer this morning.  Funny how the thing I tend to dread the most is often the most affirming.  (Also applicable to exercise, drinking water, cleaning up and Twister.)

Speaking of Twister, we played last night and I was awake well past 2 am.  My partner was snoring almost immediately.  Clearly the exercise has different effects on our bodies.  Not cool: when the happily dozing partner wakes up periodically to tell the insomniac partner to “try to go to sleep already.”  I have something I’d like to discuss, will post in the forums later today.


Happy Monday! Anyone doing NaBloPoMo?  I’m not, probably because everybody else is. Ha.


3 thoughts on “So, November, huh?

  1. Seriously – how is it November already? This just means that my wedding is getting closer and there’s so much to do still! Glad to hear that Huck has a good buddy for while he’s getting well though. I also wanted to ask if people could still join the forums? I’m not sure how I missed the posts about it, but I’d love to join in if I could!

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