Huck and his girl Snickerdoodle


This is Huck (aka Huckleberry aka Hucklestein).  He now has nine fewer teeth than he did last week, hates me because I squirt yucky meds in his mouth that taste terrible and gag him horribly, and has a good friend named Snickerdoodle.


Don’t let this picture fool you.  She loves him.  In fact, when finally allowed out of the room where he’d been in isolation (with her – does that count as isolation?), she did this, looking out the window waiting for him to come in from taking a potty break.


This is Beau.  He’s our (lazy) guard dog.  What you can’t see is that his face is resting on the windowsill because he’s too lazy to hold his head upright while keeping an eye on the neighborhood.


Can’t forget Frank.


Also Frank. Oh, and did you see Indy?


He saw you.


Oh, aren’t we working?






5 thoughts on “Huck and his girl Snickerdoodle

    • @Wildology, Yes. I changed the white balance on the RAW file before exporting to jpg, so technically I did something to it, but it’s something I SHOULD have gotten right within the camera, so I don’t count it. I did no retouching, essentially.

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