I'm taking another e-course

… this one on photography.

Last week (yes, before said e-course even began) I finally reread this post on Pioneer Woman’s photography blog about how to meter and put my camera on full manual.

Dude.  Full manual is WAY better than even aperture- or shutter-priority.  I had no idea.  I thought I’d need to figure out those before I got to using full manual, but I think they are way harder.  Also, I always thought people were doing math in their heads when shooting on full manual.  I had no idea there was a little graphy thingy to help nail your exposure. (read the PW post and this will make more sense)


Somewhat-related: not post-processing is not the same as SOOC.  I’m shooting in RAW so I can salvage user errors, meaning after I pull the photo to my machine, I might correct white balance or (rarely) exposure, both things I could (should) have done while taking the pic.  I don’t think that’s the same thing as post-processing, which involves all sorts of complexity and “is this too pink or just pink enough?” messiness.  No thanks. I often don’t have a preference, thinking, “is the yellowish better than the orangish?”

Oh, yes, this is why I can’t choose a darned paint color.

So, right, still not post-processing, but in the interests of honesty, am correcting (mostly) white balance eff ups before converting to jpg so I can post them.  And not always correcting well, which is why the pic above is a little gray and not quite right.  (I give up!)

Also, I bought the (cheapo) Nikon 50mm 1.8 prime lens and I love it… but I kinda wish it was a little wider, so now I want the 35mm prime.  It’s a sickness, people, it’s a sickness.


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