Christmas gift ideas…

I haven’t told my family yet that we’re not headed back to the southwest for the holidays.  We didn’t go last year either, though I did spend a couple of weeks there this summer when I had Lasik surgery.  Why?  It’s expensive, tiring, and I don’t want to leave the dog.  Seriously, I’m that person – but he has a heart condition, is on the last year of the time we expect him to live, and has a really hard time in the winter.  I’m convinced this might be the winter we lose him, and I’d hate to be out of town when that happens.

Badly exposed picture; still hilarious (he just licked Joey):

We’re snuggling right now, actually.

On to more upbeat topics – holiday gifts!  Last year I made quilts for everyone, a semi-fun but very time-intensive and costly undertaking.  I’m not even sure people use the things I made for them, so I’m not doing it again.

Options I considered:

– Making pajama pants for everyone.  Fun!  Special!  Hard to get right.  That inseam thing really is a bear.  I’ve now made myself two pairs – one too wide and one without enough room for my butt.  So, this gets crossed off the list.

– “Care packages” for each person.  My ex-MIL used to send the best gift packages with carefully selected little things that she knew you liked.  One year I got boxes of hot candies of all kinds, a pin cushion, a pair of new craft scissors, and a scarf.  Perfect!  So I could include a “not a paper cup” mug, little quilted cup cozy, package of specialty teas, and a tea ball for my SIL.  For my sister, a variety of lip glosses and eye shadows, a little makeup bag, “not a paper cup” mug and dog treats for her cute dog.  Very fun to do, but will also be time-intensive.

I Am Not a Paper Cup mugs for everyone!  Seriously, I adore mine.  And maybe a mug cozy (you know, the things you use in place of a cardboard sleeve) for each person, too.  And tea?  Okay, now I’m projecting, but who doesn’t love tea, right?

– Some mix of the above – pajama pants (purchased) and not a paper cup mugs for the non-parents, something sleep-related but not pajama pants for the parents?

I like to have themes for my gift-buying for some reason.  How do you do holiday gift-buying?


3 thoughts on “Christmas gift ideas…

  1. Mug Rugs are all the rage in the Flickr Craft Universe. That could go along with your theme and would be a fun craft project that doesn’t take a ton of time and materials!

  2. I love, love, love getting care packages and think it’s a great idea. Especially if you do something that they could use for months after. My mom would always give a “movie night” package to boyfriends we dated for Christmas- a big popcorn tin stuffed with candies, movie tickets, popcorn, favorite pop, etc. It was always a big hit

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