Happy pseudo-Friday

We’re on holiday tomorrow for Veteran’s Day. (Note: you know you’re a grown-up when your first thought is, crap, now I have less time to get work done. Second thought: Wheeee!)  Today, therefore, is kind of like Friday.  Score!


I got a smoking deal on a used snowboard setup on Craiglist – $100 for Burton boots + board + bindings.  In my size!  They’re quite a few years old but in great condition… AND I didn’t have to research and shop for anything (which just leads to regret and post-purchase indecision in my case).  Yay!

(Guess I’m not switching to skiing this year.  Bring on the snow-falling!  This is what I call snowboarding since I spend all my time falling, not really riding.  I am now fully geared and attired for cold weather sporting.  Oh, if you’re in need of any cold sport clothing, get thee to TJ Maxx.  My mind was blown at the markdowns they had on some really great clothing from brands like LOLE.  And $15 gloves!  $15!  I think we each paid $65+ for ours in the middle of the winter last year.  Argh.)

Speaking of post-purchase indecision, I’m havin6g debates over my D90.  Yes, the camera I actually really love and just learned to shoot on manual on (whoo, bad grammar).  The thing, though, is HUGE. (That’s what she said.)  Really.  I see photos of people with their cameras and I wish mine was just a little smaller.  I’m shooting with a 50mm 1.8 lens right now and it very much makes a difference, but the camera still feels ginormous and unwieldy in my (small) hands.

Of course, I have camera armor on it.  I want to take it off, but bff’s response was “Noooooooo” and husband’s response was, “and what was that thing you just bumped it on while you were telling me how careful you’d be?” Right.

So, poor me.  Looks like I’ll stick with my rather expensive prosumer DSLR and its protective gear.  So sad.

(Kidding, of course.)

Now I want the Nikon 35mm 1.4.  Anyone know of a good deal on one?


So, we have one day off tomorrow.  What shall we do?


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