Crazy things I have googled: episode 1

“Can dogs eat shrimp?” Answer: yes, a few, and even raw… but ours just politely put their shrimps in their toybox.

“How to use Burton boot liners.”  Right.  We couldn’t figure out how to get the darned things out of the boots. (My husband got new snowboard gear.)  Answer: pull harder.

“Dog jackets that cover chests.”  Answer: oh, the horrors people subject their small dogs to!  Buttons and bows and belts and leather!

“How to snowboard.”  Yup.  Again.  Answer: cheesy website, but I like these guys.

“Amy Butler Lotus cherry.”  We bought five yards to add more curtains to the front windows because the current curtains have little peep slits along each side and my husband hates them.  Answer: lots of people have fabric-selling websites, wow!

“When does snowboard season start?”  Answer: last weekend at two places in North Carolina.  Did I mention we got new (to me, brand new to him) snowboard gear?  Yup.  Heading to Maggie Valley this weekend.  (Aside: I have loved Maggie Valley since I first drove through it years ago, then convinced my boyfriend-at-the-time to drive that far out of the way to buy a Christmas tree.  They have cider! And dogs wearing sleigh bells!)

Your turn.


3 thoughts on “Crazy things I have googled: episode 1

  1. Yay – Snowboarding season! Which just reminds me I need to be doing more squats and lunges to get in shape! With the little one I’m not sure how many trips we’ll fit in this year. We have a 4 day trip to Snowshoe planned – hopefully that won’t be the only one.

    What did you decide to do today?

  2. Maggie Valley was the childhood summer vacation destination for my husband’s family and their good friends. I really hope to get to visit and spend time there with them someday… probably not for snowboarding though! I am the biggest wuss when it comes to the cold ever.

  3. I love the area around Maggie Valley. I’m not much into the touristy thing they have going on, but that area of western North Carolina just strikes chords in my heart. If I believed in reincarnation, I could believe that I’d lived a life there, before.

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