The Shopping Embargo of '10

I’m going to do my damndest not to walk into a store — grocery stores excepted — until the end of the year.


We recently ended a run of much spending on “really great deals.”  They were really great deals and we will wear/ use/ enjoy the stuff we bought, but I’m feeling hungover.

I’m exploiting the fact that my indecisiveness makes me a more careful (read: doesn’t-pull-the-trigger) shopper by not buying anything in a bricks-and-mortar store.  Will I pay more for shipping?  Probably.  Is the couple of dollars spent in shipping better than the hundreds I’ve spent in things bought “while I’m here”?  Yes.

The deciding factor — other than the post-purchase dread — is that we’re struggling to keep the stuff in the house from taking over.  We spend money to buy things that we stress over managing!  Crazy.

Plus,  I want a new lens, but I spent at least that much at Gap’s 30% off Friends-and-Family sale… on fleece.  And this way the weekly snowboarding trips won’t seem so expensive.

Yes, that means holiday shopping too.  Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “The Shopping Embargo of '10

  1. So you mean you can still shop, but just online? Goodness, that’s just as bad for me, if not worse. I’m much better at shopping online than in person. I get tired, frustrated, overwhelmed and then just leave. Of course, this is after I’ve spent x amount of time wandering, looking at EVERYTHING, and then purchasing three things. I tend to plan these “shopping trips” with about five stops, and after the first one, I’m done.

  2. sorry about the coupon. you have 3-4 months until the next one. good luck with your shopping embargo, i know it will be tough. do you use ebates or another such website? if not, i highly recommend it.

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