I like to wear other people's clothes (and other stories)

J left me a bag of clothing cast-off’s the last time she was here, and I was all over this pair of Lucky jeans that had gotten comfy through many washings.

Truth: they’re many sizes too big (three?).  They fall off my butt, get rolled up at the leg (twice!), and look not-so-good.  But I love them.


I love other people’s clothes.  Weird but true.

If I had more stamina, I’d spend more time at thrift stores.  Instead, though, I’ll keep hitting up that consignment store downtown with the racks of delicious worn-in jeans.


Frustrating week at work again.  I think I’m in the stuck, wrapped up in things that I need to work around, instead.  A couple of glasses of wine and yet another going-in-circles-around-and-around conversation with the person my work world revolves around and my night ended in tears.

This morning, a headache and that slight embarrassment I feel the morning after a crying thing, so I girded my loins to get through the (long) day.

And then, out of the blue, an old contact reached out.  Options!  And with options?  Fresh determination to finish what I started.


But first I’ll make curtains.


2 thoughts on “I like to wear other people's clothes (and other stories)

  1. I think I’ve schlepped off at least three large loads of clothes to the salvation army, only last week looking up a woman’s shelter that accepts donations. I somehow feel a lot better donating my “nice” items there — the ones too nice to just get cast off to a goodwill, but not nice enough to warrant any money on ebay or vintage stores.

    So, I’ll start sending jeans your way? ha.

    Secondly – you’re a good reminder that i need to get our sewing machine (cough*matt’s moms*cough) fixed so that i can HEM THE DAMN YELLOW CURTAINS ALREADY.

    I think we need a comparison of said yellow curtains. also, i saw some great pillow cases made from tea towels in portland that i’d like to recreate. and reupholster the arm chair. oh yes, and do my 60 pages of essay-writing.

    (aren’t you glad that you don’t have to do the latter?)

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