I have been knitting things, and other stories

Yes, I knit.  I’m hilariously uncomfortable admitting that, actually.

I knit things.

I sew things.

I own a Serger.

I like to cook.

I feed people who drop by my home.

I “mother” people, reminding the boy at the lodge not to forget his gloves, my husband to put on his seat belt and comb his hair, my mom to take care of herself.

Geesh, all I need is an apron and a homemade pie.  (Um, I bake pies.)

I am not, however, a knitter – this implies a level of prowess I lack, and likely won’t ever achieve.  I like to learn things until I have proven to myself that I can do them.  Then I move on.

I have made no fewer than 7 coffee cup cozy things in less than a week.  Five days, actually, since I have not knit a single stitch today.  Turns out knitting is a really great way to manage my impatience and bottled up frustration on tedious conference calls; it works better than muting, distracting myself completely, and taking deep breaths.

I’ve joked that I’m going to name each thing after the meeting during which it was created and send them as gifts to my coworkers.

“The Engineering Operations Review Mug Warmer.”

“The Weekly Account Review Cup Cozy.”

“The Friday Project Initiatives Planning Session Fingerless Gloves.”

Upon close inspection, my level of frustration could be measured by the number of wonky stitches!

Or not.  But I’ve found a new outlet for my obsessiveness, one less expensive than camera lenses, so there’s that.  Bring on the soft brightly-colored wool!


In other news, we bought a car.  Yes, Dave Ramsey would be horrified, but hey, it’s our only debt and we got a smoking deal on the vehicle against which we’ve measured other vehicles for more than a year.  And it has a turbo.

People, we bought a car with a turbo on clearance. Yes, this is like a dream: fun, practical, zippy, fast, on sale! Be still, my heart.


I’m taking tomorrow off of work, not because we have any plans, but because hey, it’s the day before a holiday devoted to eating! (And gratitude, yes, I know, but also EATING.)  We’ll meet the in-laws for a late lunch at a local restaurant (this is how his people do Thanksgiving – at a restaurant) then come home and begin the orgy of food preparation just for ourselves – a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (fries? roasted?), brussel sprouts, etc, etc.  No turkey; we’re not big turkey fans.

On that note: anyone else terribly distracted by the looming holiday?  I’ve checked snow reports at the local areas (none – runs are all grassy, argh!), blogged about knitting, searched for a roof rack for the new car, researched knitting… will the procrastination never cease?


7 thoughts on “I have been knitting things, and other stories

    • @kylydia, A Mazda SPEED3 (yea, they totally capitalize it AND truncate that last part). Love it. It’s practical (hatchback, relatively inexpensive), but it has a turbo! So we’re like, hey, we’re just normal people doing grocery shopping, ZOOM. Ha. Clearly we’re excited.

      It’s red, which isn’t something we’d have chosen, but for the $5k we saved, we’ll take it, thankyouverymuch. That said, it’s sitting in our driveway because my husband won’t drive it to work (might get dinged), to Home Depot (might get dirty), or to the store (again with the dings).

  1. I went through a knitting phase but never made it beyond scarves, If you need any supplies, let me know. I have an entire pitcher stuffed full of needles which is strange because I always end up using the same pair. I’m procastinating too. We have a snow day today and instead of reviewing contracts, I’m typing this.

  2. Hi Marisa! I’m a long-time reader, but first time commenter (followed you here from Wedding Bee). Have you joined Ravelry? It’s sort of a Facebook for knitters — there are tons of available patterns and everyone posts their finished objects. If you join, you can find me through the same username I’ve posted here!


  3. Procrastination with upcoming holiday. YES. And then draw myself back in, remind myself of the ridiculously long to-do list I have, and “head down, deep breath, press on!”

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