Fully half of my comments to my mom get a, “See? You should have kids!” response in return.

“I’ve taken up knitting.”  Check.

“We bought a new fun fast turbo car.”  Check.

“We’re not coming home for Christmas this year.”  Uh, huh.

“You should come visit us this year!” Definitely.

Little did she know the knitting thing caused renewed baby fever.

Because of this:

And this:

And ohmygod this:

Luckily, my neighbors are having another bound-to-be-adorable baby in April (a girl!) and our friends are having a baby in February, also a girl.  For now, random gift-giving has appeased my urges – a couple of appliqued bibs, an adorable baby towel backed in bedroom-sheet-blue cotton with a pink flowered fabric pieced in, and now… knitted monsters and baby cocoons.

“Hon, we need to have our own kids so I can justify the cost of all of this yarn and time, you know?”

That said, since babies can’t use coffee cup cozies — and this is the extent of my finished projects so far — we have time.  Perhaps by the time we start spawning, my knitting will have progressed to being close to capable of making little stuffed robots.


Craziest reason to put off having kids so far: “I need time to learn how to knit well enough that I can make stuffed robots!”

Happy Black Friday.  We’re off to see Harry Potter 6 and maybe have a beer or two at the brewery conveniently located next to the movie theater (where my husband and I met, so we can even call this a date)!  I’m thinking about taking my yarn. Ha.


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  1. I can 1-up your brewery next to the movie theater…the movie theater in my town has a full bar and full kitchen so you can eat your lunch and drink a beer/whatever during your movie. Who needs popcorn when you can have a cheeseburger or a cobb salad?!

    Hope you liked HP 6!!!

    P.S. knitting is my needle art of choice. If you ever get to the robot level skill, I’ll be totally envious of you! As of today I can expertly knit a scarf. 🙂

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