Neither an apology nor an excuse

I’ve always hated the “sorry I haven’t been posting; please forgive me” posts that bloggers do.  You’re not a professional blogger, right?  And if you were, apologizing for not meeting your responsibilities?  Not the best business strategy, not long-term anyway.

But I almost started this post with an apology.  Or an excuse.  Or an explanation about how life is, well, accelerating and time is flying and OHMYGOD it’s not only December, it’s solidly in the month!  Ack!

But the “I’m too busy, dear blog friends” line is a tired one, too.

And hey, as long as I’m at it: new mothers, stop apologizing for not keeping up with your blog. Please.  We’re all intelligent adults here, people who care about you but completely understand that you have things keeping you busy.  You know, like new humans and swelling boobies and even sleep sometimes.  Why would you think we’d even accept an apology for your absence from your blog?  We’re here for you, we love you, but c’mon.  It actually makes me feel bad that you’re feeling the pressure to do something so… optional when you’re trying to keep it together.

And go read this.  Listen to Mandy, mkay?  Don’t worry about anything but figuring out how to meet your responsibilities for that kid.  Really.

Okay, rant over.  I’m ranty lately.

But neither apologetic nor full of excuses.  Just, you know, not here – or at the forums I set up just to hang out with you peeps. Or taking pictures for that online photography class I paid money for.  Or finalizing our 2011 budget.  Nope, not doing any of those things.  I’m surfing and blogging and yawning and thinking fondly about sleeping.  (Insomniacs dream OF sleeping, not WHILE sleeping.)

I’ll admit I suck, but I’m not apologizing.

Clearly someone missed her naptime, huh?  Woke up on the grumpy side of the bed? Ha.


I was going to blog, hopefully eloquently, about wanting to be the better version of me, the one right under the surface who often gets overlooked in favor of the one who gives in and lets out the frustration or loud voice or word vomits.  Maybe tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Neither an apology nor an excuse

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually commented here, but I have partcipated in your forum (although I must not apologize that I haven’t been there in awhile…).

    I’m a follower of you since your Weddingbee days aand decided recently to delurk myself at many of my favorite blogs AND start my own!

    No apologies necessary, but I must admit I missed your posts!

    I will be sure to keep this post in mind if I ever find myself falling off the blogging wagon for a few days or weeks (which I am sure will happen…probably right around the holidays!!).

  2. ha! don’t apologize. I was aghast at the number times I pulled that sh$t on the ole blog when I was switching over.

    never. again. never!

    sometimes you just need to zone out. especially with the holidays coming. (oy vey.)

    [also: can i say that I wish you lived closer so that I could be lazy and just invite you and Joey for some socializing? and you could meet gus? yep. often.)

  3. Ha. The better version of me. I think about that all the time. I can make a list a mile long of all the things I need to improve at. Like all my lists – my inability to complete all the checks just leaves me feeling like a failure. #1 on the next list – focusing on the things I DO cross off the list and looking at the accomplishments only. Not the failures. Glass half full!

    2011 budget… thanks for mentioning that. One more thing to add to my Dec master todo list that will hopefully keep me sane this month!

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