Greetings from a Known Procrastinator

Hi, all!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, yes, but on a nice and relaxing (ahem, slow) Friday afternoon, I thought I’d take a few minutes to brainstorm some last minute gift ideas.  You know, for procrastinators like me!  (And then, because you all are so awesome, perhaps you can share some ideas too?)

  1. Magazines: my favorite gift to give (and get!) is a magazine subscription – the gift that keeps on giving.  Really!  Every month you get a shiny new magazine that (let’s be honest) you’d never have gotten around to ordering for yourself.  Love!  So I order the magazine, buy the current issue, and enclose a note that this is the first of many monthly gifts coming their way.
  2. Movie night: Almost every movie theater company allows you to buy gift certificates  – and who doesn’t like movies?  Our local theater corporation has a great package: two tickets and a combo.  I print out little ticket stubs (fake, of course), the details of the gift certificate, and a reminder that smooching during movies is highly recommended (um, for couples, that is).
  3. Girls’ Night In: a sweet mug, cup cozy, box of tea, warm pair of socks, book mark, and book (or movie) makes for a fabulous gift box. Throw in some chocolates or salty treats and yummy!
  4. Boys’ Night Out: six-pack of good beer, deck of cards, silly Vegas hats (like the ones the dealers wear) and maybe a few nice cigars, plus a note to
  5. Netflix yearly pass.  I mean, who doesn’t like streaming movies?

Do you have any good last-minute ideas?


4 thoughts on “Greetings from a Known Procrastinator

  1. Movie night: popcorn and some toppings, blanket, movie, all in a popcorn bowl

    Spatula bouquet: a christmas tin filled with some rocks, stick wooden spoons/rubber spatulas out the top, top with fluffy “snow” and some fake berries

    fleece tie blanket is a quick and easy gift, my husband LOVES these

    candle, hand cream, body spray from bath and body works

    “the game of things” is a great board game that I just found, and I love it!

    wine set: bottle of wine, wine glasses, cheese shop gift card

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