Happy Holidays!

I’ve been fighting a digestive bug for a few weeks now, so I haven’t been much up for posting.  Ironically, when other bloggers post that they’re on holiday and not posting, I get a little sad.  How will I waste away the hours I should be spending working (ahem, and completing my year-end performance review) if nobody’s posting?


Please have a restful and happy holiday.  If your family drives you nuts, pretend they’re someone else’s. (Isn’t it easier to deal with the quirks of someone else’s family than your own?)  If your traditions make you crazy, pretend you’re an anthropologist (sociologist?) just observing the ridiculous rituals of some tribe.

I think we’ll wade hip-deep into the festivities of the holiday season by spending the day out and about tomorrow.  (I’m on a holiday.  My husband is indulgent.)  Maybe a movie? (Seen any good ones lately?)  Trip to the bookstore? (Book recommendations, please, for page-turners that can distract a woman from a topsy-turvy tummy.)  Last minute gift shopping for my husband, for sure. (Because I totally misunderstood that getting an expensive snowboard “for Christmas” still meant I should get him smaller gifts.  Oops.)

Fun times.  We’re not traveling to see my peeps this year (more on that whole story in the new year) but looking forward to our own traditions: Christmas movies and pj’s on Christmas Eve, stocking stuffers and stuffed tummies just before, and a quiet lunch with my in-laws on Christmas Day.  They’re going to be really surprised by their gifts this year!

I’ll miss my extended family but enjoy my nuclear one; complain about the crowds but enjoy the festiveness; wish for more craziness but enjoy the rest.  Do try to do the same, huh?


3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Im with ya =o) Start our own Christmas Traditions! And since I live in NYC I continue to despise the crowd but love that they are here to celebrate. I just want to enjo my rest though, I do NOT wish for more craziness!

    As for books, Im not sure what kind of lit you like. Im huge into Dan Brown, and his novels keep me enthralled until I turn the last page. DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, The Lost Symbol are some of my favorites by him. Or Deception Point. I dont read much of anything else besides thrillers like that!

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Hapy Holidays! Hope you feel better!!!!!

    KellyV (aka lovethelake)

  2. Feel better soon! Sorry to not be entertaining over Christmas… I hate being on the other end of this break. I am loving anything by Kate Braestrup… fiction-wise, I’m sort of stuck. Have you read Tamora Pierce? Loved those books when I was 14 and recently reread the Lioness stories. Still good if you can get past the main characters being 14 years old.

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