Shut up, I've been doing this for years

Every year – yes, even in the old days when I had a private blog readable only by moi – I’ve wrapped up one year and kicked off the next with some goals.

Resolutions, if you will.

The best part is that, once declared, I rarely think of them on a daily basis.  That is, until the end of the year when I’m surprised to find that I’ve mostly met my goals.

Last year was the “year of not losing my shit.”  Now, I definitely lost my shit, but the shit-losing was much less severe than the year prior.  Score.

I was also going to get our finances in order (that one gets an award for getting on this list for five straight years – but I am making progress) and a few other things I’ve forgotten, probably along the lines of “be cleaner” and “find discipline” and “quit procrastinating.”

Someday I’ll get around to finding last year’s post and then I will tell you.  Because clearly, you care.

So, this year.  2011.  The first year of the second decade of the new millennium.  What shall I focus on?  I’ve noodled with this for a while.  Part of me wants to choose a single word or phrase: Settle, Believe, Have Faith, Breathe Through it, Feel Things I-Promise-It’ll-Be-Okay.

I definitely need improvement in every one of those areas.  But 2011 will be a banner year for me, for our family, for our lives and those of our families.  Somehow, then, I’m looking for something bigger.  Or maybe smaller.

Let’s try smaller.

2011 Resolutions, Take Two:

1. Clean something (anything!) every day.

2. Do the things I know I should:

  • Move, stretch, dance, smile – anything physical
  • Take that yucky multi-vitamin every. single. day.
  • Drink enough water.

3. Wake up like a big girl (with an alarm and everything), shower (in the morning!), go to my office to do work (yes, in the morning!).

4. Keep my office in some semblance of cleanliness so that I don’t spend all of my work hours avoiding it.

5. Use the planner system religiously, even if it means having to spend money to get it printed and bound.

6. When things get rough, focus on getting through the next hour… or minute… or breath.  One step at a time.

7. When life threatens to overwhelm, don’t give in.  Set it aside, do something (anything!) else, then come back and deal.

8.  Choose the better option/ version/ thing/ attitude/ response, even if the less-better seems preferable.  Better is always better.

The first five I can track – if I can just stop procrastinating the creation of a little tracking checklist.  The last two?  Perhaps a tattoo on my hand to help me remember? (kidding)

Ironically, I’ll have to start tomorrow by waking up earlier than usual to clean up my trashed office and figure out a printing situation for my planner.  But I’ll take my danged multi-vitamin tonight.


3 thoughts on “Shut up, I've been doing this for years

  1. How is #1 going. I’m trying to convince the hubs if we spent just 20min every evening picking up/cleaning it would make such a difference!

    3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 would all be very beneficial for me too – finding the happy balance and freedom of working from home!

    I think my first step would be actually writing down the goals for 2011 that are swirling in my head! I wont be starting this week though – I’ve barely made it out of bed. Hey at least the weight loss is coming easy because I’m not in the mood to eat very much.

  2. I am with you on this. Tomorrow I begin my own “Operation Office” but I’m dreading the closet clean-out that is a huge part of this task. I’ve lost weight so I’m too small for my big clothes but to big for my small clothes. This will really pose a problem if I end up pregnant in the next few months…Oh well. I guess I just need to dress the body I have right now and worry later.

    I still love those planners for ENFP people like myself. I love using it when I remember.

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