So, 2011, huh?

1. I need to simplify the categories on this blog.  When you can’t find your own posts based on your own categorization, something is amiss.

2. I have not been posting words that provoke thought, or incite debate, or really do much of anything lately.  I can explain.  I shall explain.  But I won’t apologize. We not-for-profit bloggers should make a no-apologies pact for things that one should not apologize for, like not posting/ posting too much/ saying you’ll post/ not saying you’ll post/ dropping off the face of the earth because you’ve had a baby/ changed jobs/ gotten married/ gotten unmarried/ just not felt like it.

3. 2011 is sure to be a banner year, not only because I realized, while reading an angsty post from 2009, “Oh, I’m past that.  I’m grown-up now, in the way that means I don’t have to talk about it all the time,” but also because….

4. I’m pregnant.  “We’re pregnant,” I like to say, but of course, that’s not true.  I’m pregnant; we’re expecting…

5. Which always makes me giggle a bit.  That phrase does.  “What are you expecting?” I always want to ask. To which I would answer (myself)….

6. A monster.  Yes, we are calling it (him/ her/ it, whatever) “the monster.”  As in, “excuse that, the monster made me do it,” or “I wonder how our lives will change after the monster.”

The dets:

Due in August. August 1, specifically, but “in August” makes me feel more zen, less stressed, and will hopefully reduce the number of “have you given birth yet?” calls that inevitably commence on your due date.  Due dates are a math exercise super-imposed on a biological situation, after all, and just like the trees and the weather and the animals didn’t know it was January 1, 2000, one’s body and kid don’t know they’re supposed to show up 40 weeks after your last menstrual period began.

Not actively trying, but not not-trying, either. We called it Baby Roulette and as my charting made me more aware of my cycle and the literals of the birds and the bees, we knew when our numbers were hot.  Or hitting.  Or whatever gamblers say.  That said, all of the “eeeee-baby-gah” stuff from November was before we knew, when I was still certain I wasn’t pregnant because I wasn’t puking my guts out.  Hell, I took the first test simply to prove I wasn’t so that my husband would buy me a bottle of wine.  And then I was.  And then all the “oooh, baby stuff” stuff went away.  Completely.  In fact, I just packed up my sewing stuff since I haven’t had the urge to make a single thing.

Mostly doing okay, though I was prone to fits of pathetic poor-me’s for a while.  Glutton for those kinds of play-by-play’s? You can read all about it on the super secret secondary blog I used while hiding from here: Password= themonster.  I have plans to remove password protection tonight, but you know how those things go.  And I’m fighting the urge to edit my less awesome side, but hey, I’m not always awesome.

Will this become a pregnancy/ all-baby-all-the-time blog? Probably.  And if you decide that makes it not your thing, I totally get it.  But my niche has always been the, ahem, “me-me-me” niche, so I’m sure I’ll be nothing but TMI and blah-blah-baby.

For which I say, ohthankgawd and I’msogladtobebackHiHiHi. Seriously, it became very clear how much I rely on my local and virtual network of women buddies in those first few weeks when nobody knew except BFF Jen and I was trying not to overwhelm her with all of my thousand freak out’s.  I have missed you!!

Nope, not out of first trimester yet. In keeping with my penchant for being slightly (and somewhat ineffectively) rebellious, I’m not waiting another two weeks.  We told our parents over Christmas — at around 8 weeks — because, well, it was a good time for surprises.  We told our close friend-neighbors that week as well.  We’ll tell acquaintances in February once we’re completely past 1st tri, but I’m tired of hiding out.   Also, if something bad happens, I’ll need to write about it anyway.

So, exciting/ scary/ crazy/ wonderful/ terrifying/ stressful/ awesome year ahead of us.  (And wow, I should consider changing my blog name to “Overusing Slashes Me” or “Quotation Hyphenated Me.”)  Back I go to stalking other pregnant women’s blogs to figure out when they got to eat real food again without worrying about indigestion/ nausea/ heartburn.


36 thoughts on “So, 2011, huh?

  1. YAY! CONGRATULATONS!!!! I was LoveTheLake on WB, but am officially out of hiding on there now (KellyV.) We’re jsut a few weeks apart!!!!!

  2. Congrats! So excited for you and glad to here that things happened pretty quickly in the “not actively trying, but not not-trying” phase. The Hubs and I are about to enter that phase…4 more days of pills.

    Excited that this is going to turn into a baby blog! 🙂

  3. Yep, candicemcc on WB so I already knew. But I was just thinking this morning that I was anxious for you to come out here. I was curious as to how things were going. Our due date is the 25th. As in January 25th. Yikes. My blog also became a baby blog so feel free to browse. Congrats again!

  4. hot diggity!

    you already know how excited I got at the news. I enjoy the name “the monster” as our yet-to-be-concieved (for five years) or planned thing will be known as “tiny human”.

    Can I be the expert when called upon putting together the nursery? can I just do a damn mood board already? okaythanks.

    okay, maybe multiple moodboards. yup.


  5. Congrats!!!! I saw you say something on twitter and I’ve been waiting for the official announcement here. CONGRATS!!!!! Very exciting for you.

  6. YES! Congratulations! Can’t wait to read along, since we’re currently set to start trying in August – right after I’ll have been able to read all your own stories so I can prepare myself even better.
    A part of me thought you might be, with such light posting and all, but I never would have actually guessed it!

  7. I happened upon a couple of suspicious comments on WB, so I thought this announcement might be coming, but I’ve been waiting for the official word. In response, OHMYGODYOU’REPREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you and your husband. 🙂

  8. YAY! Yay that the freak-outs went away after you got pregnant, too. My conception was a bit of charting/baby roulette too — and we’re due late April. I love the story about how you found out. 😀 I hope your first trimester ends well, and morning sickness ends there, too.

  9. Aww! Congratulations! We also just found that we’re “expecting” but have only told our parents. I’m due August 24th so we’re not too far apart. I can’t wait until I can start sharing the news. Fortunately I haven’t had an ounce of morning sickness so it’s been fairly easy to keep the secret.

  10. before the holidays i had a strange feeling you would be making this announcement. weird, because we don’t know each other. nonetheless, congratulations on your impending ham-beast.

    • @mrsgilmore, What clued you in? The tweets about sinuses/ heartburn/ nausea? The sidebar full of links to baby/ nursing/ pregnancy stuff? (Ah, Tumblr, I forgot I linked you into my sidebar.)

      I didn’t try very hard to hide – not actually announcing it here was a concession to my husband’s request. Um, sort of. Since I”m not out of first tri yet.

  11. Yay!!!! I wondered if your lack of posting was due to pregnancy! Congrats to you and your hubby, you’re in for a ride. I’m 37 weeks myself, and I only wish I could have read your sure-to-be-angsty posts when I was where you are now. Instead, I’m at the tail end, and while I was being zen and all re: due date, I am now more of the “Get out now! What more can I do? The suspense is killing me!” mindset, so I hope that works out better for you. It will get better.

    Looking forward to reading about your journey. Will you be finding out the gender? What pregnancy blogs do you like to follow?

    • @Austyn, Heh. I have no doubt my zen-ness will quickly disappear. I think it’s just being sleepy that makes me seem zen.

      37 weeks! I’m so excited for you! (But no, not asking “if you’re ready,” because I hear that’s annoying.)

      Gender: absolutely. My husband believes he’s destined (it’s a karma thing) to have a daughter because he was a dirty-minded boy (um, they all are… if that’s how karma worked, only girls would ever be born). I waffle. I’d love a girl, but I’ve taken to calling it a “him.”

      Blogs – I’ve mostly been reading pregnant Weddingbee writers’ blogs, simply because they were easy – I was already reading them! Got any good ones?

      • @Marisa, Not a lot. I read some of the WBs too, as well as a couple of home improvement blogs that turned into quasi baby blogs (YoungHouseLove and BowerPower), I never really went looking for them, but have followed links from ThatWife to include SeaBreeze, Dumpling, Perfume, and Shortcake. Now that Perfume has had her creature, none that I follow are fellow-preggos and are now new moms. I try not to add too many because I really can’t afford the time and I find skimming unsatisfying ;o) I’m glad yours is turning babyfied. Your monster is going to be amazing! You won’t be nearly as tired in your second tri, so keep your chin up, beautiful!

  12. Congrats! I’m due July 16th and my blog dropped off a bit. It was hard for me to find things to write about when I wasn’t telling yet. I’m excited to read your blog with all the baby updates!

  13. Congratulations! Here’s hoping for a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy.

    I am SO excited! And so anxious to watch as you transition from wife-manager-friend to wife-mother-manager-friend… I need to see you do it happily and successfully to give me the courage to do the same. I know that sounds crazy. But I need it 🙂

    • @beka, It doesn’t. I totally understand. SAHM’s seem to be the norm among bloggers (which makes sense) so I was freaking out a bit about my WFHM-ness (Work From Home Mom). I spent the last month saying to myself, each and EVERY time I had a meeting with a woman at work (this is always, we’re very well represented in management), “She works! She’s great at work! And she has kids!” Over and over. And over. I think it’s sinking in.

  14. Woohoo! Congrats to you and Joey! i’m super excited/happy for you guys.

    I’m double excited since I am prego as well (18 weeks). I’ve been looking for a blog to read of someone who is currently pregnant – problem solved, yay! Can’t wait for all of the posts about pregnancy and baby stuff!

    If you want to go shopping for maternity stuff sometime when you are in Seattle let me know. I’ve got most of the stores here scoped out. I’ve also got some good tips for making your own maternity pants out of regular pants (either ones you already own or cheap ones you buy on sale or at a thrift store). It’s easy to do if you’ve got basic sewing skills, which i know you do. and its way cheaper to get cute pants that actually fit this way. I made the cutest skinny jeans that i have been living in the last few weeks.

    Hopefully you will start to feel better soon. Things started getting better for me at 11 weeks and i felt largely back to “normal” by 14 weeks. Also, i hear you about the boobies. it’s crazy. i went from a 32D to 34DD in about 2 months. I’ve already gone through 2 sets of new bras and i’m only at 4.5 months! And they have been SORE. the only thing that helped me was wearing a bra 24/7. a supportive regular bra in the daytime and stretchy sports bra at night. i found the “sleep” bras to be too loose and stretchy to really do anything. My hubs thinks its the best thing ever. loves to stare at them and thinks it looks just like i got implants!! i keep reminding him it’s only temporary 🙂

    Anyway, congrats again, and well, welcome to the club!

  15. Yay! Congrats!!! I admit I’m even more excited to know someone else due in August – as of my appt yesterday I’m due Aug 19th! Please don’t edit anything, I hope you are candid in sharing. The hardest part so far has been keeping things a secret when I’m feeling really yucky and exhausted.

  16. super excited for you! and excited for myself to follow along – I’m due 8/15 with my first as well. pumped to have a blog to read that keeps it ‘real’. haven’t found too many yet. reading your comment of ‘just can’t manage to shake this flu’ made me laugh out loud. still using that one with some friends. so ready to let the cat out of the bag. congrats again to you guys!

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