New rule…

Gross, TMI-ish, you’ll-only-really-want-to-know-this-level-of-detail-when-you’re-pregnant stuff will go here.  The rest will probably stay on this main blog simply because if I restrict all Pregnant me topics to the other blog, this one will die.

I sent a tweet with such grossness (and the word “hurl” twice in 50 characters) that I would have unfollowed myself would I not have found it really interesting if also pregnant.  And the new rule was born!

This obviously means I posted something yucky there.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


In other news, I’ll also not be blogging anything gender-related.  Ambivalence about parenthood in general?  Certainly!  Thoughts about gender? Nope!

Hey, I’m maturing already!  I have a boundary!!


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