I'm eating myself into penury

Hi, I work from home. By the end of the day, I can’t wait to get out of the house to go anywhere. Anywhere! Any. Where.  Now, please, now! Can we please go some place that’s not here?

This has led to many a night spent eating out – literally, spent. It’s the one area of spending I can’t seem to get under control, not over any length of time. Over the ten years I’ve been an adult, I’ve spent far more than I’m willing to tabulate.

Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie calculated how much she’d spent on shoes?  That’s me, except without the shoes.

Partly, I love to eat out for the experience.  For a few blessed minutes, my husband and I have little to do but hang out with each other and eat things.  Heaven! (I say little, not nothing, because my man is blessed with the ability to zero in on any TV within a restaurant’s span of his eyes.  Lacking that, he’ll just stare at people.)  We have a hard time replicating that experience at home, what with the dogs and the cats and the stuff that needs to be done.

Also, I just love to eat out.  I’m happy — very happy — to eat out alone, in fact, I love the whole eating-out-alone experience.  When I remember to notice, I miss eating out alone. Even when I was a lonely person living in Chicago all alone, I still spent a ton of money eating out.

So I don’t have a great solution. I’ve found that bookstores count as “getting out,” as do laundromats, amazingly. {Typing from one right now. The wonders of home ownership, what with the danged line o’ pipe that just won’t unclog and it’s proximity to the washer outflow.}

But daily? I don’t know.  A quick walk around the neighborhood or property helps, but ultimately, I just need so spend some time in a place that’s not home.


One thought on “I'm eating myself into penury

  1. Is it possible that you could do some of your work during the day in a coffeeshop? That was you could get out of the house and nurse a cappuccino (or if you’re really feeling skint, just a cup of tea – decaf if you’re avoiding caffeine) instead of paying for a dinner out. If you can’t do your work outside your home office, you could still do this in the evening, as an after-dinner date.

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