An idea for maternity pictures, and an internal debate

I have put off taking regular belly pictures because:

1. I rarely comb my hair.

2. I rarely put on makeup.

3. I wear the same clothes for days. (What? It’s not like I sweat or stink them up sitting in my chair all day!)

4. By the time I think to bust out my camera, it’s night time and the light is bad.

5. I’m lazy.

6. I am not naturally photogenic to begin with, much less without combed hair and makeup and well-fitting clothes.

So, I have an idea! I would like to take profile photos — the shadowy black and white kind that people take of their kid’s heads and frame.  I’m not really sure how to do this, though, so perhaps that will be my research project for today.

Speaking of today, I’m debating taking a sick day, not because I’m really that sick, but because we have a weird policy on sick days and maternity leave. You get your sick day back one year after you use it, not on January 1st of the year (like vacation). If you save up your sick leave – as I have always done since I work from home and work while sick since it’s less effort than rearranging calls – it gets wiped out when you take maternity leave. That’s right, you use sick leave concurrently with maternity leave. WTF? So, yea, overall I’m better off to take a few sick days here and there than to let them get wiped away all at once and have to wait a full year to get them back.

Call me crazy, but I’m thinking sick days become rather useful with a child under the age of one. Or fifteen.

The only reason I’m not is that my team is really fantastic and because the last two weeks have been really, really busy, they’ve all worked with some kind of sick thing or another. Their choice, technically, as I never ask people to work sick, but I didn’t push too hard for them to get lost and take a nap – I needed them!

Not sure what to do.

Got any tips for taking good profile (ack, can’t think of the real term) photo? What would you do about the sick day?


7 thoughts on “An idea for maternity pictures, and an internal debate

  1. I love the silhouette idea! It would make a super cute print later with all the silhouettes of you and your baby bump (vectorize-d, not just a picture). Hmmm… so many ideas. Can’t wait to see the bump!

  2. I believe that if you backlight yourself (stand in front of a strong light source in a dark room) and set your camera to manual mode- use spot metering to meter on the light (not you) you should be able to produce a decent silhouette image. I’m thinking you just need floor lamp that you can stand in front of, a tripod, and the assistance of your husband. and seem helpful.

  3. As for sick days, I would triple check with your HR person before you use them up. At my office, we use our sick days concurrently with maternity as well. The sick days are integrated into our SDI income and therefore the more sick days you have when going on maternity leave, the longer it is you can be on leave with full pay. Without them, I would only get 55% pay for the entire leave. I chose to save all of my vacation time, therefore won’t be totally stuck without days off.

  4. When I had sick days, I took ’em for mental health. No way would I let paid time off expire!

    As far as the silhouette idea, I love it. I’d try standing behind a hanging sheet/screen with the camera on the other side, position yourself between a light source and the screen so it casts your shadow on the screen.

    Might be easier to just backlight yourself though.

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