Advice, please?

I’m renting cloth diapers for the first three months before the baby is big enough to fit into the all-in-one/ all-in-two cloth diapers we’ve chosen. (Renting = awesome.)

Facts for the non-newborn havers around here: newborns can require 12 (or more!) diaper changes per day. Per day!  So to have enough diapers to not have to do laundry every single day (only every other day, like that’s such a difference, except I suspect it totally is), you need a billion of the tiny diapers.  And of course, though you need a billion, the baby outgrows them pretty quickly. Heck, some babies are born at the lower limit and don’t use newborn diapers at all!

I expect our kid to be kinda small, though. We were both small infants and kids; I was under 6 pounds when born (at full-term!) and he was in the low 7’s.

After much back-and-forth, I finally decided which diapers to rent and from whom. Score! Then just before I pulled the trigger, another company emailed me back that they had a new offering.  So, I need some help deciding.

Option A: 24 BumGenius XS all-in-one’s (for 6 – 12 pound babies).

Option B: 9 BumGenius XS all-in-one’s, 9 S (8 – 16 pounds), 3 BG one-size elemental all-in-one’s (these are the bigger “regular” diapers for 10+ pounds) and 3 BumGenius 4.0 one-size diapers (these are regular pocket diapers).

Option A is easier but (s)he might outgrow them before 3 months. Although really, I don’t expect our genes will give us a child that weighs 12 pounds within three months.

Option B is more flexible but if (s)he is born at less than 8 pounds (totally possible), we’ll have less than one day’s worth of diaper changes.  No bueno.

My husband is a bit fed up by my endless decisions on cloth diapers (although c’mon, it’s not like he’s doing any of the research).  What would you do? I’m leaning toward option A.  If I’m wrong and (s)he is bigger than I think, we’ll just put him/ her in the regular-sized cloth diapers we’ll have bought by then.

If it helps, I’m 5’0″ and about 118 normally, was always a small mini-kid.  My husband is about 5’8″ and average weight, though his family talks about what a tiny kid he was.


13 thoughts on “Advice, please?

  1. I have a 5-month old whom we (mostly) cloth diaper, and I think your Option A makes good sense. I felt pretty good after giving birth, but things like doing a load of laundry came with payback the next day (and we had a *very* good-sleeping/jaundiced baby, so I’d imagine sleep-deprivation would make extra loads of laundry worse). We also had a bit of variety in cloth diapers, and keeping track of different/currently-useable sizes, plus conveying this to the husband was a PITA. And then just as reference, we have a petite baby (25th percentile for weight)–she was wearing her one-size bum genius diapers in the neighborhood of 4-6 weeks old, but hit 12 pounds around her 4-month dr appointment, I think.

    Hope this helps! We’ve definitely been happy with cloth diapering.

  2. My advice is to use sposies for the first week until you know what you have and you know what you need and can order everything then. The number one thing I have learned from parenting is that there’s no need to be all or nothing about sleep, feeding philosophies, diapers, etc.

    • @Coasting anon, Good point. Very good point. I suppose what I’m trying to avoid is dealing with both more trash and more laundry. I’m okay with one or the other, but both seems like a recipe for disaster. If we don’t get the kitchen reno done in time, though, we’ll go with disposables until we get that wrapped up.

  3. I am due in a month and am planning to use cloth diapers. We’re purchasing mostly one size diapers. I’m expecting a huge baby though (I was 9 lbs and my husband was almost 11 lbs) and my baby is measuring a couple weeks ahead. We are planning to use a mix of pockets and hybrid flips. I think we’re going to purchase a few best bottom diapers which are a one size hybrid but have four rise adjustments and different sized inserts (as opposed to just folding a one size insert) when baby is little, but we aren’t planning to cloth diaper full time until the one size fit.

    I’ve read a lot of posts on sites ( about newborns not fitting into one size diapers until 3 or 4 months, so I would definitely go with option A. It’ll give you enough diapers that fit a newborn. I also read in a post that most babies gain about .5 lbs per week, so if you have a 7 pound baby, it would be approximately 3-4 months before Baby reaches 14ish pounds and will fit well into the one size.

    • @Diana, Thanks! I think we’ll end up doing a mix of hybrids (can’t beat the practicality) and all-in-one’s. My husband’s one request was to not have to deal with pockets because he doesn’t want to splash poop or pee everywhere. Not gonna argue that, because I don’t want to have to do any more prep work than needed.

      I ordered a Grovia AIO and hybrid to look at, and the AIO is really slim and kinda weird (because it’s super slim, maybe?)… but I like that the insert is only sewn in on one side, supposedly so it can agitate better in the washer and dry faster in the dryer. I still think we’ll go with the Grovia hybrid overall, at least until I get the used BG Elemental AIO I ordered to look at.

  4. What is the big advantage of a Hybrid over an AIO? Are the insert-filler things cheaper?

    …and I would totally just do disposables (biodegrade kind) at the very beginning if it is easier:)

    • @Wildology, Basically, that you only have to buy one cover and you can use cloth at home and disposable inserts while traveling or just out for the day. Best of both worlds!

      Oh, and cost. Cloth diapers are a ton cheaper over the pre-potty life of a kid than disposables, nevermind the trash. Clearly I care about the cost, but the trash piece is nice.

      These for a newborn are just all-cloth, though. It’s just a question of size. I think I’ll go with the option of 24 all tiny, and buy some disposables to have on hand just ’cause.

  5. Hey Marisa…
    Jenn/Plaid here. I’ve been toying with the idea of cloth diapers but my husband isn’t sure yet. What made you decide on cloth? And how/where to you rent them from? Can you share any of your research or point me in the right direction so that I may do my own?

  6. Sun Babies are great for newborns… they run way smaller than BG’s and are really cheap: I got 10 for $44. You can get them through Ebay, but also through the lady’s website. B is almost 9 months old now and still fits in them and probably will for a a little bit longer. I highly recommend them!

  7. Option A makes the most sense to me, for the reasons you stated. Renting seems like a great option that wasn’t even on my radar. I’m cloth diapering, but I did disposables for the first two weeks because i didn’t want to tackle the newborn learning curve with the CD/laundry curve at the same time.
    Something else to consider is the meconium stool that your baby will have for the first few days supposedly stains pretty badly, but if you are renting, I guess that’s not an issue. I use softbums all in 2s, and I really like them a lot. I had8 shells to start, 24 inserts, and 12 doublers to start. I decided to get a few more shells, and I’ve ordered a couple flips and best bottoms just to see if I like them more than softbums. Simply in the interest of conveying some info, while I had a fair sized baby, 8 lb 2 oz, 21.5 in, I feel certain that the softbums would have fit him had he been much smaller. I had to size them up from the very beginning, and he does not have big thighs. SBs are one size with elastic leg hussars that are fully adjustable.

  8. Gussets. Silly auto correct. I apologize for any other awkward typos. Welcome to one handed surfing while breast feeding 🙂

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