I want to repaint my living room

This is ridiculous. I still haven’t finished painting the bedroom, the nursery needs to be painted as well (after all the furniture moves out, of course) and the bathroom ceiling needs to be repainted.

But look at this.

And this.

We got a new sectional made of the ubiquitous tan microfiber. Yea, yea, in my perfect world I’d custom order an awesome one in velvet or tweed, but in my real world, it was $350 in almost new condition and gave me an excuse to stop letting the dogs on the couch.

But since I most recently painted the living room walls bright white (after mint green, off white, two different shades of gray, blue, and chalkboard paint, plus an almost-yellow… twice), everything looks a bit off in there.  Though the furniture style in each picture is clearly cooler than my microfiber, I wonder if a barely-teal-y blue would offset the brown-ness.

ARGH, then I remember the wood trim makes picking paint colors a nightmare.  Maybe I won’t paint. But I’ll certainly ruminate.

Tell me, do any of you redecorate your rooms – constantly – in your head?


6 thoughts on “I want to repaint my living room

  1. If your wood trim is anything like mine it’s probably a similar warm brown to the couches in your pics! Not such a nightmare??
    And I say go for it. If you want to play it safe go with something really soft and light (sometimes I go ‘one up’ on the paint swatch from the shade that catches my eye the first go around) and you’ll love it.

  2. I redecorate in my head daily. I’ve even redecorated my parents house- in my head. Talk about obsessed. If I had ever come over to your house- I could probably redecorate it in my head as well.
    PS jealous over the new sectional!! A microfiber sectional is on my current must have short list. I found one on Overstock I ‘think’ I like, but have to wait to see if the tax return will cover it.

  3. My husband picked out and painted our bedroom a similar color five years ago. It’s so lovely. Ours is Benjamin Moore “Whispering Spring” — I’m still not tired of it. Very calming.

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