The "I" in "Team"

A few years into this partnership, we’ve found a way to function more or less as a team: I research; he decides.

This used to drive me nuts. I’d proudly present hours upon hours of research and cross-referencing and carefully compiled options; he’d quickly review and make a decision. “You’re kidding me. I just spent hours on this and you just point to one?”  I wanted his process to be as time-consuming and thoughtful as mine, if only to confirm I wasn’t crazy for spending hours upon hours researching stuff.  But it wasn’t. His process is his process.

Argh.  Many an argument began because I simultaneously wanted to be more like him and have him be more like me.

Two years after we planned a wedding, I’m finally dipping my toes back into the decision-making waters. I love it! I’m great at researching and seeing the pros and cons of a billion options, but too many options quickly overwhelm me. I can’t pull the trigger.

He can. <insert dirty joke if you’d like> So over the past few months of baby stuff choosing, I’ve blown hours going back and forth over every possible option only to close the browser and walk away.

Just. Can’t. Decide.

Then I reopen the browser, show him a few pictures, and he chooses. “Well, the pocket thingies look cool, but when you try to unsnap them, will poo fly everywhere if you’re not careful? We’re not careful. I think everything all in one package makes the most sense.”

Oh, bless you, dear husband, for being able to make a decision.  Even if you do it so quickly I’m both annoyed and jealous at the same time.


Update: Oh, thank heavens for the decider husband. In the last hour I bought five of one kind of cloth diaper (on sale!), eight of another (fantastic used condition at a great deal), and a crib (solid wood, inexpensive and stationary)!  Whew. Now I just need four more of the second kind of diaper and to start dealing with the overload of furniture stashed in the guest room/ nursery.

I can breathe again! (Yes, I’m aware it’s pathetic that one can spend so much time waffling between many options in one’s head for such a long period of time. *shrug* It’s one of my charms.)


2 thoughts on “The "I" in "Team"

  1. Oh, this is just how we are also! It’s so maddening that they can’t decide SO quickly when even after weeks or months of research, I still go back and forth. Great system you’ve figured out

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