Nursery shtuff

I was pretty sure what I wanted the nursery to look like from the very beginning – unusual for me, yes.  I wanted dark walls in a Boy Scout like color (you know, like the kind of cabin that exists only in my head, apparently) because the room we’ll be using has windows into trees that look over a big hill so it feels like a treehouse.  I wanted bright pops of color — no pastels here, thankyouverymuch — and I knew the color schemes to use.

Girl: pink and orange. Or pink and yellow. Or pink and yellow and orange.

Boy: green like grass, blue like sky, yellow like sunshine. (If you followed my indecisiveness at Weddingbee, this is a familiar refrain.)

During one particularly miserable bout of pregnancy, I distracted myself for hours by putting these inspiration boards together.



Cute, right?  But over the past few months of being pregnant, I’ve found that I remain drawn to “typical boy” stuff.  I believe bed sheets should be blue.  And that girls can wear blue (even cuter with a pink something).  And the other day I asked my husband to please make sure he does as much fun cool stuff with our kid whether (s)he’s a boy or a girl because I realized how easily we were falling for the stereotypes that say you buy a boy a dirtbike and a girl a doll.

Look, I’m no rough-and-tumble gal, but even I have a motorcycle.  Girls can build robots with their dads! And go fishing with Dad! And do all sorts of dangerous things with Dad that Mom should never hear about! (And yes, girls can also like dolls and wear pink and still be awesome.)

And I like “green like grass, blue like sky, yellow like sunshine”! And I’m a girl!  This is something I remind myself often as I buy diapers in mostly blues, flannel in mostly blues, and bed sheet fabric in mostly blues.  I like blue!

All those exclamation points to say that I’m leaning toward the bottom color scheme.  Hell, I might even hunt down some astroturf in place of a rug (yes, I know I’ll then have to lay something soft so the kid can actually play on it).

If she’s a girl, the pink owls are MINE, though. Love those pink owls.


10 thoughts on “Nursery shtuff

  1. They both look great! I am SO with you on the bright colors too. The only bummer about having a boy is that a girl can rock pretty much any color out there, but (for me anyways) a boy can’t do pink or purple. You could always do the bottom scheme and then just keep a pink owl or two in the wings to throw in if you get the girl model 🙂

  2. Love both of them. And I *cough* have my eye on an awesome blue and oatmeal bedding from Serena and Lilly for a boy or a girl. *cough* we aren’t even trying yet, so a bit over eager of me. But it is all just SOOO cute.

    Please tell me that you aren’t going to keep the sex a secret from us?? I guess that is also assuming that you are going to find out. Any way you slice it- it’s all exciting.

  3. I really like both. I think orange could be really cool for a boys room too. I’m also more drawn to cooler colors like greens or blues. I had pretty much made up my mind about our nursery before we found out what we were having, so it was going to work for a boy or a girl. We went with shades of blues, teals, and greens. I really hate the idea that girls have to have pink and boys have to have blue.

  4. I love both of the boards, especially the last one! I’m big on not letting little babies fall into stereotypes just because of their gender. Our plan is to have a pretty gender neutral room and purchase gender neutral as much as possible so we can reuse items for future kiddos. We haven’t even started trying… so I know I’m ahead of myself, but I’m always thinking months ahead. Can’t wait to find out if you’re having a boy or girl… YOU MUST SHAREEE!!!!! So I can live vicariously through you. 🙂

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