Things I Am Not Blogging About

  1. I ordered eight diapers for $120 (a steal!) via and got screwed. Package arrived with two diapers (wtf?) and the nice woman on the other end claims it’s not her deal to worry about because she didn’t buy insurance on the package (sellers pay shipping, usually). I’m avoiding thinking about it because I might get angry and frustrated. Still, looks like I’m out $90 and the “I got screwed!” feeling is worse than being out the cash. And I’m cheap, so that’s pretty bad.
  2. We’re almost at the halfway point. My husband is excited; I’m (you guessed it) freaked out. “This is our last quiet March,” I said during dinner. “Yea, cool!” he replied.  Um, right. Cool.
  3. We visited friends who had a baby six weeks ago and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t all “ooh, baby, hand it over and go away!” This along with the fact that I lost all urges to make baby-related paraphernalia the minute I found out I was pregnant = uh, oh.
  4. Puking and nausea, because who wants to hear about that anymore?
  5. I gained somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds already (ack!) and that’s freaking me out.
  6. Regardless of what pregnant blogging women type, there is an unspoken competition about how much weight you do/ don’t gain. At first, she with the baby bump wins, because everyone wants one (except me, but I’m weird). Then later, everyone acts like they’re worried about not gaining weight but really don’t mind it much. Me? I look roley poley already. Awesome.
  7. That every bra I’ve bought already doesn’t fit (yes, even the ones I bought pretty recently) and that they tend to be built like sports bras so my boobs touch each other, something I adamantly dislike but can’t manage to avoid. Swear to gawd, yesterday I lost a popcorn kernel in there. Eeek.
  8. We find out if “it” is a “he” or a “she” on Thursday. I could go either way, but I know my husband has a preference, which I’m trying to not worry about but the worry is there.
  9. No idea what our plan for child care is. I know, I know, shut up. There’s a so-so daycare down the street that I prefer because I can walk there, but my husband would prefer something else. Since he doesn’t know what that “else” is, we’re not dealing with it for now.

In summary, Pregnant Me is not terribly unlike Normal Me in that she is anxious and worried and generally freaked out.  She can’t, however, digest spicy foods, onion, anything vegetable-like – and most painfully, cannot overeat like Normal Me tended to do. Bummer.

Bright side: I’ve hit the point in my pregnancy where a) I can say “my pregnancy” without stuttering and b) there’s not much to do. We haven’t hit the “oh, shit, stuff must GET DONE” point (and thus the future nursery is still overrun with the detritus we haven’t found another home for) and all of the big decisions have been made (screenings done, names debated, crib ordered), we’re just sort of living life, albeit with this Future Deadline of Doom looming. But hey, at some point after that, the kid will be like a real human with a personality, right?


4 thoughts on “Things I Am Not Blogging About

  1. I’m due a week after you are. I’ve gained 15 pounds, feel that I am single-handedly keeping Premium Plus crackers in business since it’s the only thing I can eat (so where the hell is all the extra weight coming from?!?), and our nursery sounds to be in the same shape as yours (except that the crib is already here and not set up, just shoved in the room amongst all the crap already in there).

    Not sure what the point of my rambling comment is, other than to say that I get it, and you’re not alone. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain. I’m 16 weeks along and am still trying to hide my belly and to squeeze into my old clothes because I’m not ready to wear “maternity” yet. I’ve only gain about 6 pounds but I also have a doctor who believes that women shouldn’t gain more than 10 to 15 pounds in a pregnancy (not normal, I know), so I think the stress of that has helped with the weight gain.
    I know you’re not feeling well so I don’t want to give you a hard time, but I miss your blogging!

  3. I’ve used diaperswappers too. I don’t know if you’ve read all the “sticky” posts on buying/selling. I bought a single diaper (thankfully only $10) and never got it. Since I paid through paypal, I filed a claim, she admitted she never sent it, and now that’s she stoped contact again, I’ve elevated it to a dispute. It’s timely, but if you used paypal you can get your money back. If she didn’t send you what she was supposed to, then it’s her fault, not yours. And if the price in the listing has a “pp” it means postage paid, so she’s responsible for postage and delivery confirmation. I know that doesn’t include insurance, but it sounds like she just didn’t ship what she was supposed to ship to you.

    My weight gain was on the high side early on (and I’ll end up being 8-10 pounds over what they recommended) but it really did balance out a bit later on. I was sick from weeks 8-30ish, and carbs where my best friend. Unfortunately that adds up on the scale.

    I’m still 10 days from my due date, so I can’t say “it’s so worth it” (although I suspect it totally is!) but I have felt pretty muc everything you listed. It does get better.

  4. Oh so much I could say … not that I know better … I’m only 20 weeks along with my first. I completely understand. I joke about things not fitting right … even maternity stuff. I ask “what the boob to belly ratio on that one”? More boob = yay … more belly = ugh. I literally just started to accept it this week and started to wear more fitted clothing. You have an excuse .. and if the weight bothers you who knows, maybe you are one of those lucky ladies who drops it right away!

    Oh … and I’ve bought nothing either. The thought of going into a baby store isn’t appealing in the least. Been that way since day 1. I have to buck that trend because we need to take a long haul to a baby mega store in a couple weeks to get hands on with the products (you know, shake cribs, carry car seats, push strollers) … I sure hope I’m ready to get serious sometime after that!

    I’m with you though … like 100%. Good luck … I found baby birth classes actually helped. It made me realize what I was really afraid of … and is giving me the confidence that I can do this. Your life is what you make it … chill parents will likely have a chill baby. Maybe your next March will be quiet after all … and you can all take a nice nap and hang out doing what you do!

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