E-shower ideas

My mom is coming to visit next weekend to save me the trip out west to see her (yay, thanks, Mom). And though I’d planned to get out there at some point for a baby celebration (shower?), time is flying and that’s looking unlikely, so my awesome Mom planned this virtual shower for me.

Kind of.

She sent out invites to the family suggesting they send well wishes directly to me and promised to post a video of me opening gifts… or something.  Then she called me to ‘fess up to the surprise, which my blabbermouth sister had already spilled.

{It’s one of her charms, the inability to remember that something is a secret. I told my brother I was pregnant a full month before I told my parents because I just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. “Will you tell Celina?” he asked. “No! She’ll spill it!” I replied. We agreed to keep it from her.  When we broke the news to my family on Christmas Eve, she screamed, then wailed, “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because you would have spilled it,” I replied. “Oh, yea, that’s probably true,” she admitted.}

And now the planning begins. I think it could be fun to have the party web chat style, where we have a roving webcam on this side and we can see the people’s screens on the other side. But can you do a many:many webchat? With something like Tiny Chat, you have the host on video and everyone else typing. We can make that work, but a multi-person Skype-ish party seems like it would be more fun.

My mom suggested inviting my in-laws over. Okay. Then my husband suggested inviting a few of our friends over. Well, that seems kind of weird, though. I can put family through the awkwardness of a webcam-style party, but I’m not sure I want to subject friends to that.

And last, yes, this whole plan makes the party very much about the gifts, which is also awkward, but it’s not like you can make DIY onesies virtually. Although, perhaps I could send each one of my peeps a onesie and print-transfer kit and they could mail them back? This is seeming like a lot of trouble, but the thing I learned from our wedding is that most things pay off if they’re a lot of trouble ahead of time. I wish I’d done more sentimental things for our wedding, after all.

I’ll try not to get stressed out about the details since the point is for it to be fun, after all, but it is on my mind. Any suggestions from you smart people?


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