For future reference, pregnancy months/ weeks

I can’t ever keep this straight, so when asked, “How far along are you?” I respond to innocent bystanders in weeks, a practice I thought strange until I was pregnant myself. It’s easier to keep track of weeks than months, after all.

This is week 20 for me, exactly halfway through my whole pregnancy. Mind-blowing. I’m trying not to let that little fact make me more anxious than usual, though it has been a good impetus for dumbing down all of my glorious “things we must do before the baby” plans.

Perhaps I’ll even suck it up and start taking belly bump pictures this week. Honestly? I’m uncomfortable enough with my body morphing that I’m a little down, so taking pics will either help boost or further depress my outlook. We’ll see, I guess.  “Everyone gains weight differently and this is my body!” I keep telling myself, though I continue to be obsessed with how nice it would be to be a cute pregnant woman, with upper body/ boobs/ arms looking normal and a cute little bump below. Me? I seem to have gained at least five pounds in my chest and am “carrying high” so I look very apple-like.

This week’s goal: find some kind of exercise (plan? schedule? commitment?) I can make work for the rest of this pregnancy. Also, paint the nursery (after emptying it out of tons of stuff) and touch up the bathroom in preparation for my mom’s visit next week. And clean the kitchen thoroughly. And get the guest room ready. And… oy.

First trimester:

  • Month 1 — week 1 to 4
  • Month 2 — week 5 to 8
  • Month 3 — week 9 to 13

Second trimester:

  • Month 4 — week 14 t0 17
  • Month 5 — week 18 to 21
  • Month 6 — week 22 to 26

Third trimester:

  • Month 7 — week 27 to 30
  • Month 8 — week 31 to 35
  • Month 9 — week 36 to 40

3 thoughts on “For future reference, pregnancy months/ weeks

  1. I think the belly pics will help but make sure you’ve got a cute outfit on that makes you look good. I just looked back at all my belly shots so far and I look like a total mess because nothing fits right anymore. It caused me to order so maternity shirts on Old Navy so hopefully the second half of my belly shots I’ll actually look cute. Good luck!

  2. We finally took the first belly pic the day before I hit 17 weeks (as the 16 wk pic…hehe). I have to admit that it was not fun. In the first couple of pictures, my butt looked bigger than my belly! (Are we measuring how big my butt grows or my belly?!?) We figured out a pose though that worked and I think I’ll be glad to have them later to compare to. I second Jenn in saying it is important to have a cute outfit on so that you feel attractive.

  3. For whatever it’s worth, my husband & I took Bradley (birthing) classes, which included an exercise plan to help get the baby positioned right, etc. There were some stretches (butterfly stretches for thigh strength, squats, and what amounted to yoga’s cat-cow stretch), and then a walking plan. I think it had us work up to 40 minutes of walking daily (although we just did a 2-mile route, maybe 3-4 days/week). It was really nice to spend that time together & helped me feel a lot healthier during my pregnancy. I did have a relatively easy labor & delivery, but don’t know how much the exercise helped with that.

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