Month six: aaaaack!

Hi, guys! *waving* How the heck are you? I’ve missed you!

My mom and stepdad just left after a four day visit that was really great, totally worth the week of working our patooties off to get the house presentable to visitors. Much like fixing up to sell a house, we finally had to get around to fixing the things we’d just lived with but wouldn’t put a visitor through… well, a visitor that is one’s mother.  We had a great time with much eating and laughing and talking – and not too much belly rubbing (thank goodness). My mom was even sweet about not really mentioning my growing mid-section, which ironically gave me a sort of permission to talk about it myself.

And our baby boy played the ham by kicking so she could feel it! Yay!

The e-shower went really well. My family really surprised us with some great gifts (stroller, car seat frame, high chair, clothes!) and we had a fun time putting them together.  The last night they were here, we met my in-laws for dinner and then “drove by” (ahem, then get out and peeked in windows and traipsed all over) a lake property my husband found online the night before… and now we’re spending endless hours debating how best to sell TWO houses so we can move to this fixer upper on the lake.

Ironic that we are still considering moving to the little house to have less DIY work to do while considering buying a house that requires all the DIY skills we’ve gained and more. Oy. But it’s on a fabulous, fabulous piece of property with an amazing view and a five-car garage. Yup – FIVE. Two in the main garage and three in the second (second!) garage. My husband did a jig when we noticed it.

Still to be decided: where we’ll actually live while doing all of this house-selling and financing extravaganza.  Lots of risks, including neither house selling or both houses selling, plus the bigger question of how comfortable we are paying twice (if not more) what we paid for either of these houses for a two bedroom house that needs a ton of work.

But, man, you should see the view! And it has a (old, in need of replacing) dock – dock rights! And it’s in the waterfront area we’d love to live in but assumed we couldn’t afford, the same area my husband spent his first (heavenly) 12 years learning to fish and ski and not-die-while-living-near-water being a boy.


In other news, I am headed to Seattle for a week of work: two days of all day meetings plus three days of showing my face and fielding comments about my burgeoning belly (awesome – ugh). I’m hoping this one week of face time will be enough to keep me from having to fly out there again until, well, next year, so I decided to fly in on a Sunday and out on a Saturday, trading a couple of weekend days for two extra office days.

I’m back to being ambivalent and uncomfortable about what I’ll be wearing – of course – but I tried on seven of my black dresses and six of them worked wonderfully. One was a maternity dress I bought for last year’s cruise (what? it was comfy!) and the others were normal work dresses that still fit, so I’m pretty happy. My mom was concerned about my plan to wear heels all week, so I bought a pair of semi-flat shoes. Worst case, they have stores in Seattle, right?

Off I go to charge devices and hunt down make-up and wish I’d bought tights that weren’t patterned (and thus, holey and cold) given the chilly weather. I wonder if I have time for an emergency run to Target for one of those adorable maternity trench coats? Doubtful! Eeek – I forgot to consider buying compression socks. I wonder if I do need to make an emergency store run!

If you’re in Seattle and are up for a meet-up, leave a comment and perhaps we can work it out? Friday night would be ideal, despite my early morning flight (because hey, I won’t have a hangover, right!), but I can make Thursday work if need be.

Have a great week and wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Month six: aaaaack!

  1. Oh wow, that lake property sounds amazing! I’m dying for a house to fix up, though, so I might be biased towards the one that needs a little work! 🙂

  2. Re a Seattle meetup: I have a super intense crazy week with work stuff coming up (big grant proposal due thusday and then a forum I’m planning on Friday and Saturday). That said, I’d love to squeeze in a meet up. Thursday night I could do dinner or on Friday I could do after dinner drinks. Shoot me an email as your plans come together and we can pick a day. It will be super fun to swap prego stories (I’m just hitting 29 weeks-eep!)

  3. Re: seattle meet up. I’m down for a meet up. Friday we *might* have plans to get together w the cherrypies. Right now nothing solid. Would love to see you again.

  4. Yes, Seattle definitely has stores. 🙂 I’ve just started reading you and would love to get together if you do a Friday night meetup. I’m also 20 weeks pregnant, so I’m down for swapping preggo stories as well. lol

  5. When are you going to be here? Like this week? I leave town on April 2nd but otherwise I’m around a free most evenings.

    I have knitting needles for you.

  6. Hey – would love to see you while you’re in town! Busy on Thursday (getting our wedding photos from Kat and Justin), but would love to catch up on Friday if it works out! Let me know.

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