Happiness is… making a decision!

Subtitle: I would be miserable in Limbo.

We have finally made a decision on where we’ll be living, which house will be selling, and whether we should be packing frantically or not. Oh, the blessed happiness of having a decision.

We’re staying put in our current (big, needing-work) house, selling the (work-finished, smaller) house, and setting aside the lake house idea for now.

Working backward on reasons: the lake house was a non-maintained dump of a house on a fabulous piece of land that may or may not be at risk of falling into the river.  A really expensive dump of a house with a really well-done garage but things someone-should-be-embarrassed-about like extensive (and covered up) termite damage, badly installed floating floors, and this crazy DIY’d elevator the size of a tiny coat closet.  Last night we finally admitted we’re not willing to pay $400k+ and still have thousands of dollars in work (serious, must have contractor work) to be done.


After meeting with our realtor and his (female) partner, we got really clear that moving to the little house and putting this one on the market might ultimately result in us still owning both houses for a while – no, thanks.

So, we’re staying, and although I had been looking forward to moving, I’m now looking forward to staying. Ain’t life grand?

We now know not to spend too much money on this house lest we donate the awesomeness to future buyers (yay, more money to spend on furniture!) so my “dream kitchen” is out the window, but hey, now I know to start working on stuff here.  Putting up real blinds in the living room made such a huge difference, we need to do the same in our bedroom.  The nursery needs to be primed and painted, furniture put together, etc, etc.

Aaaand, with that simple thing (a decision!), I’m back to excited. And making lists of things to do:

  • Paint the nursery (ceiling?), etc, etc.
  • Exchange the crib for the wood (not white) one.
  • Kitchen planning changes (yet again) – paint cabinets, rip up floors (but replace with linoleum, not slate), buy a refrigerator/ stove.
  • New fence plan, one not requiring of a $7k fence.

Back to the (inspiration) drawing board on the nursery.

Oh! Our sweet ex-neighbors gave us four huge tubs of boy baby clothes, organized by size/ age.  Luckily, this kid o’ mine will now not have to dress like his mama, in the same style of tops (onesies for him!) and pants in different colors and not a single other coordinated thing.  I’m still buying socks, though, all in the same color so nobody has to match them up.

And now I don’t have to find the answer to the question: why wouldn’t you just leave little babies in pajamas all the time, given that they sleep all the time?


2 thoughts on “Happiness is… making a decision!

  1. Yay for making a decision!!! I can’t wait to see how you update your current house on a budget, and I’m glad you guys know what you’re doing now…I know that I always have lots of stress when I am waiting on a decision to be made.

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