Argh: the indecisiveness strikes again

I’m in the middle of painting the nursery and second-guessing my plan to go with dark, neutral walls (color like wet cement). Should I have gone with bright white walls + chalkboard = contrast?  Oh, well, I bought the paint, so I’m finishing it.

And moving my indecisiveness to the kitchen. We’re going to make it less shitty with as little a cash outlay as possible. Fake wood laminate counter tops, out. Base cabinets, stay (but get painted). New (stock) counters – drive to IKEA or just go with what Hell Depot offers?

I love this:

I think it’s from Northwest Home given the file name but didn’t save the source, sorry.  I *think* I can do this with my galley kitchen. Since the base cabinets are staying but the (crappy plywood) doors have to go, I can sand and stain the “box” and figure out doors later.  The counters look to be black laminate or stone (I’ll do laminate). I like the wood trim backsplash, think I can make that happen with some baseboards.  And who doesn’t love open shelves?

Like this:

I have windows available, not walls, so the shelves would need to span the windows. Eventually. Because we’d have to get drywall dudes in here to patch the drywall. Our predecessors put up ugly upper cabinets and then put up plaster, so once we remove the cabinets, there will be, well, who knows. Something.

No idea what to do about the floors, but we’ll figure it out once we rip up the linoleum.

So, not that much indecisiveness after all! (Except deciding what color to paint the cabinets. I just know that white is out. Too dirty.)


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