Things a pregnant woman shouldn't admit (but I am)

  1. I hate that being pregnant makes me feel like such a GIRRRRL. I prefer to be a person, or a manager, or myself, but I’ve always loathed admitting to being a girl. I know, I know, I am one, but I don’t like admitting it. The hormonal extravaganza and being faced with a body that’s undoubtedly doing female things means I can’t avoid it. It makes me short-tempered and grumpy, a connection I finally figured out this weekend.
  2. We eat fast food. More than once a week. And sometimes it’s (gasp) McDonald’s.  We don’t overeat (combos? Who can eat all that food, never mind having a gut that can handle all the greasiness) but it’s far too convenient, consistent, and bland for us to not swing by on busy days. That said, I swore off Taco Bell when their
  3. I’m still not exercising. Mornings are busy, evenings are nauseous, and late nights last all night (hello, insomnia). I should walk but I hate walking; I should do yoga but I’ve not found a prenatal class that’s not on Tuesday afternoons (do pregnant women not work?). I’m just not getting around to it. I will. Really.
  4. I’m probably gaining more than the “recommended 25 pounds of weight gain in a pregnancy” guidelines. All in my boobs. The rest of my body is pretty normal, but my honkers weigh a ton and are overflowing the bra I just bought two weeks ago. I hear they get bigger. The first sign of weight gain in my previous Normal Me life was growing boobage, so watching this elicits all sorts of uncomfortable body images for me. Yech, cleavage.
  5. The nursery looks like a storage room, we haven’t signed up for any kind of birthing class, and I’m semi-committed to a non-epidural birth… but I’m not freaking out. I guess I can admit this, but it’s unusual for me.  I can tell when our little dude shoves his head up along my belly (“Little dude, you have a big head!”) and when I poke him, he pokes back (my husband hates that I do this so don’t tell him), so the idea of a real kid of our very own is overwhelming any birth-related concerns right now.
  6. Our nursery is unlikely to be blogger-worthy in terms of design, but it’ll be mostly clean and well-furnished. Hell, it might be overly-furnished if we’re not careful, given our propensity for keeping furniture because it’s cool, not necessarily because it’s functional there.
  7. We’re rehoming a few cats… not because the baby’s coming, exactly, but because it’s been a good impetus for us to deal with the parts of our lives that are overwhelming. We have a pair of cats that we’d been meaning to find homes for but hadn’t, and they harass the crap out of the only female animal in the house who then pees on my husband’s stuff. Not fun for her, despite probably being fun for them (and definitely not fun for Joey). So the pair of brothers is doing a trial run at a new home starting tomorrow; Snickerdoodle will meet a potential future owner on Wednesday.  I’m a little nervous for them all, but excited that they’ll have homes less frenzied and harried than ours.
  8. I have a really expensive camera I neither use nor love. I bought a D90 last year but tend to not use it because it’s heavy and makes me feel self-conscious.  I’ve been debating selling it to trade to a micro 4:3, but suspect I’ll not like the shooting speed once I have a mobile baby to shoot.

Whew. Okay, I think everything’s off my (way too bodacious and heavy) chest.


7 thoughts on “Things a pregnant woman shouldn't admit (but I am)

  1. Thank you. This rings true and I’m not even pregnant yet. I’m not sure how we’ll end up actually living vs. our best intentions but I suspect that I’ll have a list a lot like this. Especially the exercise and fast food confessions.

  2. Great admissions! I think I’ll feel the same about the femaleness of the body. Ick. giiiiirrrrly.

    Mostly commenting to say: my dad has an Olympus PEN EPL-1 (micro 4:3); he really likes it. And it’s so SMALL! I used it over Christmas time and I really enjoyed it too. Much more manageable size than a dSLR.

  3. I love how honest you are! The female body. Aiy aiy aiy. I’ll never understand people who just loooooove to talk about its “beauty” No thank you. 🙂

    I’ve told you before, but watching you walk down this path before me is so helpful… I hope your insomnia gets better though, I’ve been there and it is no bueno!!

  4. I too have always hated being a girl. I much prefer to think of myself as “one of the dudes.” So I can see where you’re coming from there. Here’s where we differ… you can’t eat a whole combo meal from a fast food restaurant?!? Damn. I totally can (and I’m not pregnant). #notsomethingtobeproudof =)

    • @Vee, My husband and I tend to share a combo meal and order an extra burger or whatever… but I used to be able to eat most of one. Now we’ll split a two hamburgers meal… and though I eye his half of the fries, it’s better for us that way.

      I’m also a big fan of ordering the kid’s meal. Plenty of calories in that! 🙂

  5. LOL @ Vee’s comment because that’s so me! Definitely something not proud to admit. Hence the fear of when I do become pregnant, I’m deathly afraid of the ballooning weight gain. Sigh.

    I’m right there with ya on #1. Definitely prefer to be one of the dudes then be all girly. It’s easier and drama free. Ha!

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