10 things about my first group prenatal appointment

The hippie birth center where we’ll be delivering offers group prenatal visits (“Centering Pregnancy”) they’re all gung-ho about, so I thought, what the heck?

What the heck is that they’re on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 10:00 am, which is both early and inconvenient for me… and c’mon, I have a pretty flexible schedule. Don’t people work? And don’t get me started on prenatal yoga classes that are all at 2:30 pm on Tuesdays or whatever.  Eff the face right in the day, as my husband would say.

So, 10 things:

  1. I did not have to do the glucose screening because I’m 24 weeks, not 25+. Fabulous. Four more weeks of dread.
  2. One woman has two kids under the age of two. Did you catch that? Two kids under the age of two and she’s six months pregnant.
  3. The same woman mills her own flour so that her homemade bread products are all fresh. Oy.
  4. I’m weighing a little heavier than I should be. Argh. I knew this, but still….
  5. When he saw my weight, my husband made a face which I will now delete from my memory. And try not to hold against him. Forever. And ever. As wives are wont to do.
  6. My blood pressure is nice and low. Really low, but “normal low.”
  7. My fundal height is normal. High normal, but normal.
  8. My weight? See #4.
  9. Despite not doing the glucose screening, I came home feeling really… weird. Am working from bed while drinking orange juice, believing this to be a weird blood sugar thing.
  10. When my husband thinks I’m being too loud/ engaging/ involved/ embarrassing, he reaches out and puts his hand on me somewhere. This is a hint. I hate this hint, though at least it’s not a dirty look or verbal response.

Fun times. Fun times.


5 thoughts on “10 things about my first group prenatal appointment

  1. You know, I have this same problem with yoga classes. Not prenatal, but just all of them. It seems like there are soooo many classes that are at, like, 10:30 am or 2:30 pm or even lunchtime yoga which is great but even if I take an hour for lunch, where does that leave me with time to get there, get back, and change into and out of yoga-appropriate clothing? Are all yoginis self-employed? Because I am not self-employed, I have a job to be at, and you offer me TWO CLASSES that I can feasibly go to ALL WEEK and how is that fair?!? ::end rant::

    In response to your number 10, my husband doesn’t do this exactly but he does give me “social situation pep talks.” I am really, painfully shy so I come off as a total bitch to people who don’t know me. So every time he has someone I don’t know coming over or we’re going to a function with his colleagues, he gives me the old, “Don’t forget to say hi, and maybe smile sometimes too.” Or after an interaction in which I failed in some way, he’ll lean over and whisper under his breath, “You didn’t say goodbye!” or “You could have smiled!” or something. Talk about NOT helping me deal with my social anxiety.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. I think I do #10 with my husband. I expect him to read my mind through my touch. Like, the other day when I was more than ready to leave a family birthday luncheon and kept just patting him on the leg, then he asked, loudly, “I guess you’re ready to leave if you’re tapping me on the leg.” Way to be subtle, honey.

    #5 made me cringe. I’m sorry. Don’t hold it against him. I have found that men have no concept of how women carry their weight.

  3. A- Boob weight does not count, so you are probably under weight:)

    B- I just saw you and (aside from the great cleavage) you look tiny-basketball-pregnant…(the good kind:)

    C- T gives me pep talks about the opposite of Vee! “Let other people talk” “Don’t hug everyone” “Don’t be so loud and opinionated” etc. I just laugh and ignore him now!

  4. Yeah. I get the old “you’re a little much” hints too. Much fun.

    I do NOT understand this, these yoga classes and their times. It’s like this for me now and I’m not even pregnant – and then of course, all the pregnancy guides say to join pregnancy yoga to meet other moms… who all apparently do not work? I know there are lots of day cares, so then one would imagine there are lots of working moms… do they just not go to yoga?

    Strange things.

  5. Ughhh, my sil is one child away from being the woman in number 2, my nephew will be 1 in may and she due w number 2 in October- oy!

    My husband just read number 10 and said, “I need to start doing that to you” …. Oh my.

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