The crazy ideas of a pregnant woman, part 1 of ??

A coworker whom I barely know offered to mail me her favorite sling when I confirmed the rumors about my being knocked up were true. Sweet! Right before we stopped chatting to do work, I warned her I might hit her up for maternity leave advice.

Her reply: I’m still upset I let my husband convince me out of spending my maternity leave in Hawaii. You can be sleep-deprived in cloudy Seattle, or on a beach….

In an unrelated but serendipitous discussion, I remarked to my husband that I’d really like to go to the beach.  “When?” he asked.  “Well, next year,” I replied. “I can’t use up any leave this year since I need it for maternity leave.”

“We could go during your maternity leave,” he said casually.

My reaction was not unlike when he suggested we hold our wedding reception in the street. In the street? “Well, yea. Our yard is too inclined and the back is too small, but we could block off the street and put tables and a tent and call it a street party – but a wedding one.”

I scoffed. But then…

He is clearly the idea guy; I am the one who figures out how to get it done.

The latest idea: beach vacation during maternity leave. How to get it done? No idea. Traveling with a one-month old is ridiculous. The baby’s sleep schedule will be a mess. My husband is a student – how will he make the time to get away? My family’s schedule is also based on the school system, as is his family’s. How would they get away? And let’s not forget postpartum recovery. Whether we fly or drive, sitting on one’s painful hoo-ha does not sound like a party.

He’ll be born in late July/ early August, the end of the summer season. We have two dogs and three cats to worry about. And have I mentioned the healing hoo-ha and volatility of living with our (first ever) one month old infant?

Are we crazy?

But then, a glimmer of a thought: he’s right, I wouldn’t have to worry about taking extra time off since I’d already not be working. The beach isn’t that far away – an easy flight, longer (but more in control) drive. And the sleep/ feeding schedule of a one-month old is basically a crapshoot anyway. From what I can tell, any form of sleep training shouldn’t begin until around six weeks.

The beach shoulder season is my preferred time to travel anyway. I love September and October. We could take the dogs and if our families can’t get away, so be it. We’re a family. Getting away might be just the thing to get us through the hump of mind-boggling change. And all my worries about our house being “ready for company” and “under control” would go out the window. Kind of.

You can be sleep-deprived in hot hot hot muggy Knoxville, or on a beach….

Yup, definitely crazy. And thinking. At least this crazy idea won’t require a permit from the city.


9 thoughts on “The crazy ideas of a pregnant woman, part 1 of ??

  1. Sounds good to me. I go back to work on Monday after 12 weeks off. Not looking forward. But honestly, I didn’t feel as bad physically as I was expecting to (or for as long). I guess I prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised. And new babies sleep a lot. I’d go for it. Four weeks sounds like a good time. I felt good physically and like I had more of a handle on the whole raising a baby thing.

  2. I’m like you except we are going from the beach (we live near one) to my husband’s reservation in New Mexico after our little bug is born. I’m due October 11th so I figure I could plan a drive out there before or just after Thanksgiving. I assume the baby will sleep most of the time anyways so the travel won’t be bad but the snow ans frigid weather has me kind of scared.

  3. I’m with y’all on this one. I told my husband I thought it’d be fun to take a little family vacation to the beach while I’m on maternity leave and he thinks I’m a bit nuts. I know it might be a little crazy to take a one or two month old to the beach but I’ll already have the time off and it seems perfect. I’m gonna keep pushing it and if he won’t go, I’ll just kidnap my sister and make her come with me. It’s only a 3 or 4 hours drive to the gulf and I want to go! I think you’ll have a blast and it’s the perfect time to get away (while you’re away from work already!)

  4. I honestly think that is a fabulous idea and one I had never thought of…but now I am. lol. I’m due mid-August. hm. Interesting idea.

    Oh, and a total plug, but my mother is a pet nanny and is much cheaper than boarding if you don’t want to take your pups with you. You can check her out at


  5. I think you’re right that a one-month old is *great* traveling. They’re sleeping most of the time & are pretty flexible as far as scheduling at that point. As for hoo-has, I had 3rd degree tearing, and by 4 weeks the only time I had issues was when I did too much walking/moving around. For me, I’d say sitting wasn’t bad. Hanging out at the beach adjusting to everything sounds really lovely to me.

  6. This sounds like a great idea! I did a 12 hour car ride (Virginia to Ohio) when my daughter was a month old. It was really easy because she slept the whole time. At 3 months we took a plane to Atlana and that was even better. It was so much quicker and my husband’s family drove down so they took all our stuff!

  7. Go for it! When my son was 6 weeks old, we flew from Birmingham, AL, to St. Louis, then LA, and back. We were gone for 3 weeks, or roughly 1/3 of his life. It was so worth it to go on a trip and see family and friend while I was off of work. We actually had a routine (we’ve pretty much had one from the outset), and I managed to stick to it on the trip and adjusted back to home with few bumps in the road. Personally, I was feeling totally fine physically by 4 weeks, I really felt like I knew my little guy by then too.

  8. I’m obviously way behind on blogs 🙂 Hello almost 9 mo old and full time job.

    For what it’s worth I drove Warren and I to the beach when he was 8 weeks old by myself. The normal 6hr drive took 7.5 – 2 stops to nurse. (The first one I fed myself too!)

    My mom and her friends spend a week at the beach every fall quilting – and duh – I was on maternity leave – I wasn’t missing it!

    (This was after his first plane ride to WI when he was 6 weeks old!)

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