I'm missing you…

… coffee. I woke up this morning practically able to taste it, I wanted a cup of coffee so badly. I should clarify that I didn’t give up coffee because of the caffeine concern (you can safely have up to two cups a day) but because the acidity causes horrible miserable awful indigestion (and puking) later in the day. Yes, even decaf.

People seem to give up eating/ drinking things for two reasons: shouldn’t and can’t. This is a “can’t.”

… a beer. Just one. Preferably Fat Tire on draft, icy cold, with a salty crunchy something to go with it.

… chips and salsa. Yet another “can’t,” the spiciness of even the wimpiest of salsas leaves me heaving, very sad as this is my favorite food. Really.

… spicy things. I vaguely remember the pain-followed-by-relief of super hot food, but when I think about it, I can almost feel the pain in my belly. Let’s hope that association goes away after I produce this kiddo.

… making out with my husband. TMI? Sorry. My super sniffer is still engaged so I have a really hard time with (normal levels of) breath. Dog breath, cat breath, human breath, it all grosses me out. As does mouthwash, which reminds me of those months of puking.  And the smell of his deodorant (any kind – the poor man has switched twice).  I can handle (and enjoy) playing Twister, but can’t manage to kiss the sweet guy.

… rolling over at night. I’m an under-roller, meaning I pull my legs from one side to the other underneath me. This causes cramps (round ligament pain, technically) so when I try to switch sides while groggy and sleepy, I inevitably wake up with the stupid cramp.

… energy. I’m exhausted all the time. All. The. Time. Not sleepy, just exhausted. I wake up exhausted, go to sleep exhausted, get through the day exhausted. My big weekend plans involve painting the nursery ceiling, something I once would have busted out between meetings or other projects, but now? That’s my one single goal.


On the bright side, I think we might have a nickname for our little dude.


4 thoughts on “I'm missing you…

  1. Oooo, I wanna play! I’m miss you….

    …any form of alcohol. Wine, beer, mai tai, straight up vodka, I’d drink any of them right now if I could.

    …spciy scallop sushi rolls.

    …the ability to shave my legs. Though I still probably wouldn’t if I could, it’s still nice having the option.

    …days where I actually feel skinny.

  2. holy mother of Maalox, I miss kissing too! I’ve had horrible morning sickness and even the smell of toothpaste on his breath after he’s brushed makes me sick. Just typing about it makes me gag. Gagging makes me gag. I miss beer.

  3. I had no idea there were under-rollers. Round ligament pain was the worst part of my pregnancy (and I’m an over-roller I guess). I woke up all the time. Found that if I rolled while keeping my knees together it didn’t hurt as much.

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