Boring camera stories…

I once read that there are two types of deciders, those who accept good enough and those who want the best. I’m the latter, which doesn’t mean I want The Best Ever, but the best for any given situation.  This is a fairly losing proposition since you can research and hunt and find something slightly better… forever.

So I loathe researching a new purchase, try valiantly to forget everything I learned when I moved on. And failing.  Case in point: I dreamt of breast pumps last night. I made a decision but still tossed and turned through hours of Medela vs. Hygeia.

Also my Nikon D90. Now, let me state clearly: this camera is super bad *ss. It’s a serious camera that shoots beauteous pictures and far exceeds any skill level I might have. My skill level? Low. And staying low if the amount of time the camera spends in my hands is any sort of measurement.

It’s huge and unwieldy for me and I find myself embarrassingly self-conscious when I haul the sucker out.

But I’m keeping it. It’s bad *ss and I’m not up for researching another camera purchase only to be discontent, again. Why bother? My goal in getting a DSLR last year was to be able to put onto paper (ahem, pixels) what I saw with my eyes and to share those images with my faraway people. Girl’s gotta get cracking if there’s hope of figuring that out before this kiddo joins us.

I need to use it or I’ll never get better with it. Ever. So for the next week (let’s start easy), I’m going to shoot something – anything – every day. Look out, lots of pictures of cats and dogs are headed your way, people, but I’ll keep them in my Flickr account, I promise.


In other news, my kiddo has learned all sorts of new tricks this week. Kicking (nudging?) mama in the rib cage! Punching (kicking?) mama in the bladder! Both at once! Add in a head bonk to the gut! Combinations of all three!

I’m really proud, funny given the negative impact his new skills have on my comfort. Is this motherhood?


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