Things that don't suck about being pregnant

I kvetch about all the things I don’t like about being pregnant, but now, at week 25, I realized I have a whole list of things that don’t suck, and I haven’t even met my kid yet!

  1. You quickly realize that any statement starting with “I just wouldn’t be able to stand it…” is bogus. Nausea? I thought it would kill me. Days upon days of vomiting? The same. Limiting caffeine, cutting out alcohol, and watching what I eat? Wouldn’t be able to do it. But I can, have, will, am getting used to it. And despite the discomforts (and periodic coffee-laden dreams), I’m still pretty much the same old me.
  2. I have company… all the time. This kid o’ mine is a Kicky McKickerston and while I forget to be thankful that he’s so active, I never forget to enjoy it. He figured out how to lodge his body part under my rib cage while kicking my bladder… and I was proud. And just now he did this flippy thing that almost made me dizzy (and did bad things with relation to the dinner I just ate) but it was so cool. Great job, kiddo!
  3. Sometimes, a little distraction is good. My job can be incredibly frustrating and stupid. If I’m not careful, I get carried away on the waves of annoyance.  This little dude has a good knack for kicking me or nudging me throughout the day – and that little bit of distraction is really useful in snapping me out of the doldrums.
  4. I’m confronted by all these idiosyncrasies I tend to ignore. Like my self-consciousness about my boobs. And vanity about my mid-section. And discomfort being given/ offered/ supported. And unwillingness to admit I’m a giiiirl. Much like being engaged forced me to deal with the transition of myself into a partner, being pregnant is shining a light on the parts of my personality that try as I may are unlikely to change. That’s okay as long as I know how to deal.
  5. I have higher standards for my behavior. Transitions are good for exacerbating little personality detriments until you have to face them and are forced to figure out how to live with them. So, I choose ease so I don’t lose my shit. I make lists of things I won’t be doing to remind myself I get to choose how to do this whole shebang.  And I start to accept who I am – how I am, and how we are as a couple. This is good.
  6. I like my husband a little bit more when I see him through the perspective of his kid. He’s pretty darned cool. Though he often drives me nuts, he has charms that will make him a good other half to this parenting partnership. He’s more fun, more silly, more willing to believe things will be good and easy and awesome.
  7. It takes a while. I was freaking out pre-pregnancy and someone pointed out that you have nine months of being pregnant to come to terms with the whole situation, she was SO RIGHT.  While I’ve often wished I could super speed this pregnancy, I’m just now beginning to realize the importance of the transition period. I get that biologically, this kid needs time to bake, but so does my brain. (Er, that didn’t come out right.) A forced waiting period is a great way to make sure the whole idea has time to settle.  Even if it’s settling while you’re dealing with itchy boobies.*

*Heat rash, we think, and inevitable given how bodacious my ta-ta’s have become, but holy hell, itching is a special kind of misery. And itchy n*pples? Awesome.


5 thoughts on “Things that don't suck about being pregnant

  1. Nice list. I’m just a week behind you and am loving all the movement going on in there. It’s crazy that all of this has been going on for weeks but it’s too early to feel anything.

    And itchy nipples? The worst!

  2. I just had to comment on the itchy boobies issue, because I seriously feel ya. It had to be the MOST annoying pregnancy symptom I endured. I had the same growth issue as you, and the itching was like a constant reminder of what I was now carrying around, in addition to the baby. Nothing I tried cured the itching, either. I would be interested in knowinf if you have found one.

    • @Tina, My midwife suggested a combination of Benadryl cream or hydrocortisone cream and an allergy pill, plus airing them boobies out as much as I can. DIY bra details coming soon!

  3. I didn’t have the itchy boobies, but more itching all over, though it has gotten better over the last few months. My sister would laugh at me everytime she came over to watch a movie because watching me get all twitchy and scratchy apparently was more entertaining than anything on the tv. And seriously, how awesome is it knowing that you always have a little buddy with you? It’s like your guys’ little secret when he kicks or nudges and no one else knows 🙂 Love it.

  4. I have had the itchy boobies on and off too. Seems to be related to when they are growing a lot – maybe because the skin is stretching? Anyway, nothing seems to help. My boobies are now also covered in tiny stretch marks – lovely.

    There are a bunch of online sites where you can find bras w/ large cup size/small band size… you might want to try that? I’m in the same boat in terms of hitting the max of the sizes that are carried in normal department stores. The other thing that is probably going to happen to you soon (i’m experiencing it now at 32 weeks) is that your ribs start to expand quite a bit and so you’ll need to go up a band size as well. I’m trying to still squeeze into my F/G bras a bit longer and then I’m going to invest in a couple of nice nursing bras that will hopefully work after i have the baby as well. I can’t wait to go back to my now tiny looking 32DD bras!

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