Being an adult is a lot more alone than I thought it would be

I’m not feeling well tonight.  After a month (yay!) of going to sleep without a stomach full of nausea, tonight I feel terrible. Correction: it began last night, when I’d periodically wake to orange juice in my mouth. That had backed up from my stomach. Gross.

And my husband is sleeping.

Look, I don’t begrudge him the sleep, but it sucks to be awake, alone, and feeling bad. The alternative, though, is to insist he stay up with me and that’s not the point.

I want him to want to stay up with me, you know?

But he needs sleep, tonight especially given the crazy busy weekend he’s had (building us a fence), so I’m in the guest room, alone.

Well, except for Beau who’s joined me in bed. Don’t tell. A little less alone isn’t a bad thing, even if my night’s buddy does insist on licking places one should not lick in the company of others.


3 thoughts on “Being an adult is a lot more alone than I thought it would be

  1. I TOTALLY understand the “I just want him to want to [insert about a hundred things here].” Most recent bickering about just that. Hope you feel better. Sleeping with my head elevated more helped me in my last month.

  2. Yuck!!! I have occasionally GERD so I feel your pain. I’ve actually heard a lot of gals can’t drink orange juice when they’re pregnant because they have acid reflux in the middle of the night… sometimes in the middle of the day! I’m sorry, that really sucks. And I hate it when I’m awake and feel bad and my husband is asleep and peaceful. I don’t want him to suffer, but I hate being alone, awake, sick, and a little sad.

  3. These are the moments I call my mom 🙂 Just to say I feel like shit and want to hear her voice.

    Surprisingly even though I constantly woke up the hubby going to the bathroom and being sick and what not while pregnant he did not go sleep in another room until the very last night. I’m not even sure why he did that night because I wasn’t being that disruptive 🙂 Maybe he somehow knew it was his last night to get sleep for awhile!

    Hope you are back to feeling better!

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