I had to take off my engagement and wedding rings today. Blame it on the warm weather and the fact that I’m working on the porch today (I am!) but since I’ll eventually have to take them off, today seemed as good a day to face the facts as any.

But I have a plan!

I’d like us to get me a wide band wedding ring with a single inset stone and the year. I’ll wear it with my engagement ring and (very thin) wedding band once my fingers are back to normal, then pass it along to my son when he’s of the age to need a ring – and it’ll have his birth year engraved in it! *sentimental*

Let the shopping commence! (argh)


Speaking of shopping, I’VE ORDERED OR PURCHASED OR RECEIVED EVERYTHING ON MY BABY LIST. People, that warranted caps! The crib is back-ordered but ordered and everything else is here or being shipped.

Well, except for a breast pump and bottles and other related paraphernalia. I’ll wait to actually buy those until after I take a class, just to be sure I know my plan.

Also, the nursery has been painted, just needs a bit of touch up work around the ceiling.  It still looks like a storage room, but hey, at least the stuff is here in our house, right?


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