More pregnant confessions

  1. I take prenatal vitamins most nights, but not 100% of the time. Look, I try, but some nights I feel ultra-terrible and there’s no way I can ingest the pill and the glass of liquid I need to make sure I don’t puke it back up.
  2. I drink water, but probably not enough. Since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve kept track of my daily water intake because I am not a water drinker. A year ago I had a check-up and was asked how many glasses of water I was drinking. “In a week?” I asked. The doctor was, shall we say, not amused. I didn’t admit I wasn’t joking.  I think I average 60+ ounces a day but I still feel thirsty all the time and I’m not having to get up to pee in the middle of the night.
  3. Yesterday I had a bit of an accident that made me nervous about my baby, so I drank sugary drinks all evening because I knew he’d move more than usual and I’d be reassured. Bring on the bad parenting!  I whacked my belly with a (this sounds worse than it is, promise) cement mixer. Don’t worry! It was just the handle… and it’s not one of those huge truck things, just a residential-sized 150 pound metal contraption. Anyway, my midwife told me to look out for one symptom (spotting) and make sure the baby was moving as per usual. He’s a Kicky McKickerston, but still… so, Koolaid and OJ for me last night. Screw the calories (and his fetal exhaustion); Mama was worried! So, yea, hi, I suck.
  4. I’m at the “this is so surreal” point in the pregnancy continuum. First I was all fired up about everything that needed to get done. Then I went zen (hey, it’ll all work out). Then back to the oh-my-gawd-gotta-get-stuff-done. And now? Meh. I know what has to get done versus what would be nice to have done. I know we have about three months to get it all done. And I know it won’t all get done. The nursery looks like a storage room, babyphernalia is ordered but not really ready, and I’ve done nothing (yet) to prepare for childbirth. It’ll all work out.
  5. I’m ambivalent about my current birth-center-not-hospital-birth plan. The midwives are nice. The facility is nice. The monthly group prenatal classes? Nice. But I’m not particularly confident about the whole thing. It’s not that I’m not, more that I don’t learn anything there that I didn’t already know from researching, don’t have a close relationship (even patient-caregiver-ish) with any of the midwives, am not getting the warm fuzzies about popping this kiddo out sans epidural. Also, scary birth stories keep popping up (TV, movies, Young House Love’s post today). I loath making decisions based on fear, but what is pregnancy if not indoctrination into a world of anxieties you’d never thought of before? [Yea, yea, I hear that’s called, “parenting.”]
  6. I retreat into denial when I get overwhelmed… and I don’t feel bad about it. Eventually I’ll pop back up and figure out which bottles to buy, how to survive a med-free birth, whether to stay with the hippie birth center or transfer my care (hello, $$) back to an OB practice. For now? My kid is kicking up a storm and I’m going to enjoy it.

9 thoughts on “More pregnant confessions

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and am now delurking, if only to assure you that you CAN do it pain-med free. No one’s ever died from the shear pain of labor, if that’s any comfort. ;P However, having given birth to both my babies completely naturally, I completely understand why anyone would choose the meds. I don’t have a particularly high pain tolerance. Actually, I’m a big baby when it comes to pain. And during my last labor I told JD Man several times that I didn’t care about doing it natural again- I’d done it once and had nothing to prove. And I meant it- I was DONE. But he was a big ol’ meanie and didn’t let me get anything because I’d assured him ahead of time that I would probably say something to that effect and to ignore me because I really didn’t want the meds. And once I got to pushing (only a relatively short time after telling him I wanted something) I was very glad not to have anything to dull the experience. All that to say that if you absolutely have to do it sans pain meds, you can because there’s no other option and you learn how to work through it.

  2. I read Sherry/Clara’s birth story this morning too! How scary; I would probably need almost a year to talk about that so publicly too.
    The first thing that came to mind though was this birth story from Megan (Princess Lasertron). You might have read it already but she also had strange bleeding and didn’t have a placental abruption. Her doctors and hospital staff were really supportive, so her story has changed my mind about hospitals in a positive way.
    part 1:
    part 2:

    All that said, I’m not pregnant, but I still think about the decision I’ll eventually have to make between the midwife/ob practice at our hospital or the birthing center that is literally down the street. It’s ridiculous because I have PLENTY of time, but I feel for you on how hard of a choice this is.

  3. I totally understand about the prenatal vitamins, I couldn’t keep them down either. After a few months of not really getting the vitamins because I was puking them back up every day, my OB suggested that I just take 2 Flinstones chewable vitamins every day. Because I didn’t have to drink anything with them and they were chewed up instead of this big huge pill I could keep them all down.

  4. I just had my baby on Easter and I was definitely in the pro-epidural camp. With that being said there was some complications and I ended up having her drug free, without being prepared for that kind of labor. It wasn’t ideal for me (since I hadn’t planned for it) but it is definitely doable especially if you take some sort of class that will give you some pain management advice.

  5. Don’t think of the epidural, think of all the SH*T that goes along with it… gowns, paperwork, paperwork, bright lights, open doors during open thighs, people walking in and out, 33% c/s rate… episiotomies after promises not to… daylight obstetrics… germs, Hep B shot in first minutes of life, peds who freak over bili levels…baby handled ungently… other BS and etc.

    You can always try the BC and transfer if you need. There’s no shame or drama in it at all! Just an uncomfortable car ride, but the hospital is way more stocked with uncomfortable moments I promise. We do mostly home/BC but also have hospital privileges so that helps.

    Remember too that labor, while hard, is perfectly designed. It starts slowly, builds up, and gives you breaks in between. It’s pain with a purpose – not abnormal pain. Think of it as work, not pain – are you are hard worker? It’s one day, or one half days work, and it’s work your gramma did and her gramma and all the women through time… and suddenly it’s your turn, and you are every bit as strong as them (just may know a little too much).

    All that said, I think every woman should birth where ever she wants. So good luck in the decision making, follow your heart —

  6. You can figure it out. And you’re right, you have time to figure it out.

    All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.


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