Prenatal visit driveby

I signed on for this group prenatal appointment thing that I’m debating dropping. Honestly? It’s a lot of rah-rah and games and “learning” things I’ve already found in my research. Plus, it’s almost two hours on a Tuesday morning.

Today I had a regular (private) prenatal appointment because we’ll be out of town for the next one.

Ten things about it:

  1. I had to reschedule because I got there more than 10 minutes late. This angers me because I wait for them far longer than 10 minutes. Seems to me the guideline should go in both directions, no?
  2. The glucose screening drink tastes like those little ice pops that come in the clear plastic packages that are all stuck together until you tear them apart. Do you know what I mean? Like that, but NOT FROZEN. Yuck.
  3. As luck would have it, work stuff was falling apart while I was supposed to be at said appointment. So, my husband drove me there, signed me in, waited until we got called, and then drove me home. All while I had a phone stuck in my ear. I only hung up once I was in the exam room with the door closed. This is not even the worst exam-room story I have. I once took my laptop in with me while being examined because we had a work crisis but I needed meds for the pesky bladder infection I’d woken up with. The doctor was understanding then, but still….
  4. Baby Boy has a really strong (loud!) heartbeat. ‘Twas nice. And loud.
  5. Yes, you can be bruised from within by your lovely spawn. Nobody tells you this, so then you have to ask the midwife if you should be worried that you feel like you’re bruised — from within — on your belly. Then she will laugh (in a friendly way) and ask if you plan to sign your kid up for soccer.
  6. I only gained 2 pounds since my last weigh-in three weeks ago. *Whew* This is not quite ideal (1/2 a pound per week) but a much better trajectory. And my blood pressure is still nice and low.
  7. I think when they give you guidelines for weight gain, you should get additional allowable poundage for each bra size you’ve gained. Bonus pounds for starting at a DDD and still increasing by four or five cup sizes.
  8. I never have any good questions when they ask if I have questions, and I feel like I’m in an interview, knowing I should have questions. So I ask questions I know the answers too, then confirm that I knew once they answer. It’s like I can’t stop myself. Sometimes I note that I’m asking for confirmation, but still….
  9. I can’t help but stare at other women’s bellies when I’m in the waiting room. Such diversity of size and shape!
  10. My husband just about melted into a little puddle of goo as he watched a 2 year old little girl read a book with her mom. It was hilarious! He’s never really encountered a little girl, so watching her be all cute and girly was funny. “Maybe a girl would have been easier?” he remarked.

My spawn and I are making an emergency work-related trip to Yonkers in the morning (wheee), hopefully only for the day. Yes, from Knoxville to New York, just for the day. I only consented to the pressure because the one work-related dress I like to wear still fits, but only just barely.


2 thoughts on “Prenatal visit driveby

  1. Yeah, I would totally panic the night before an appointment & make up questions to ask. Except once. And at that appointment my OB responded, “No questions?!? But you *always* have questions!” At which point I ‘fessed up about inventing questions, and I’m sure she resisted the urge to laugh too hard at me.

    If this were my list, I’d have to add (and this is gross, no doubt, but) comparing my urine sample to the other ones in the door thingy where they waited for lab techs to get them, and then giving my husband a run-down.

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