Third trimester!

Holy cow, people, I’ve made it to third trimester with my little alien spawn!

I woke up the other morning, looked at my belly, and thought, “Whoa, I’m pregnant. Like, pregnant. Whoa.” How can I explain the strange feeling that this is really happening?

I always assumed I’d be a mom, but I can honestly say I never dreamed of being a mom. For a brief while, I dated an older man who’d already had two kids (and a well-placed snip) so I considered not being a mom and it made me sad. Would I be brave enough to be a single mom? How important was one thing versus the other? In the end the relationship fell apart and it didn’t matter.

And now, whoa, I’m pregnant. Like, with a kid. A human kid of ours. That we made. I go through the days and weeks and months of life, then suddenly look up and think, Whoa. In the past, I’ve looked up from a transition-going-well and freaked the eff out, so this time, I’m trying to just acknowledge and observe.

Yup, that’s Pregnant Me.

Yes, we’ll soon have our very own kid.

*nods head*

*goes back to living*

I have worries and anxieties and concerns but I’m trying not to give them too much energy. Our lives will be different in ways good and bad – and nothing we can do now will change that. We’ll just have to get through. The nursery will get finished — or not — and our kid will be fine. The dogs will learn some new rules — or not — and we’ll deal. There will be enough money, there will be enough help, there will be enough maturity to survive.

And we might even have fun.

On to more important thoughts: I have two months more to go and no idea how (or where) I’ll gain another two months’ worth of weight. SERIOUSLY. I’m already getting the, “Ooh, pregnant!” looks from innocent bystanders. Soon they’ll be pointing, I just know it.

But hey, on the home stretch now.


This is the excerpt that made me realize how darn quickly this pregnancy will be over:

Countdown To Delivery
Follow this timeline recommended by Rebecca Burpo, a certified nurse-midwife in Dallas, to prepare for the big day.
Week 30 Start shopping for items you’ll need in the hospital (nursing bras, nightgown, baby clothes, car seat) and at home (diapers, wipes, etc.).
Week 31 Attend childbirth classes. The sessions should end by week 36.
Week 32 Interview doulas or labor coaches—they book up quickly.
Week 33 Have your baby shower about two months before your due date so you’ll have time to shop for items you didn’t receive as gifts.
Week 34 Interview baby nurses or postpartum doulas; locate a lactation specialist in case you need one later. Research cord-blood-banking options.
Week 35 Meet with several pediatricians and choose one. Your baby will need to be checked immediately after birth.
Week 36 Pack your bag for the hospital (don’t forget your phone book). A baby is considered at term three weeks before your due date, so be prepared.
Week 37 If you plan to breastfeed, read up on techniques and gather resources to have at your fingertips when you come home. Join a local La Leche League group to meet the leader and other moms; you don’t want to be a stranger if you need to call them for help.
Week 38 Tour your hospital’s maternity floor. Decide which family members and friends may visit you at the hospital and at home in the first few days or weeks after you give birth. If you don’t, good intentions can overwhelm you: It’s easier to say “This is our plan” beforehand than to reject offers on the spot.
Week 39 Many women begin maternity leave weeks before their due date. If you plan to work up until the end, post an “If I go into labor tonight” memo at work.


One thought on “Third trimester!

  1. If it makes you feel better, the baby is 3 1/2 months old and I still have “whoa, we have a baby” moments. And I heard somewhere that at the end of month 8 you’ll be thinking you couldn’t possibly get bigger. And then you do. 🙂 My weight gain slowed down in the last month (I’d have to look but it may have only changed about a pound or 2) so there’s that. Good luck the rest of the way! I can’t wait to hear how it all goes and see the little guy.

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