Baby stuff short list

We’re picking up our crib today, leaving just a few things left to buy. OHTHANKGAWD. Less stuff left to buy = fewer decisions left to make.

Breast pump – decided but not purchased.

Pack ‘n’ Play sheets – I’m debating making them, but at $10 each (for the quilted ones), might be worth just purchasing.

Bottles – NO idea which ones to buy. I think I can put this off for a few months, but then I don’t really want have that hanging over my head while learning to live with a newborn.

Bath paraphernalia – have none, no decisions made. I thought I’d buy a foam tub to go inside our tub, but was reminded how rough that is on one’s back.

Diaper bag – I assume we’ll need to get something unisex so that whomever has the kid has the bag. Need to choose one with my husband (yea, that sounds like a really fun shopping trip). Anyone love theirs?

A carry the baby around the house thing – our friends have a Rock ‘n’ Play that they love (and I like that it’s up off the ground), but I recall reading that babies should lay flat as much as possible. Maybe we need a carry cot? It won’t be up off the ground, though, an important need for a household with big dogs.

Seems like we could use it to hang out in the yard, corral the kiddo in the living room, pull him into bed with us (if needed).


Blinds and maybe curtains for the nursery – I just have to measure for the blinds. No idea about the curtains (optional).

Rug for the nursery – also optional.


Crib sheets – have the fabric, just haven’t made them.

Glider cover – cut, just not assembled.

Quilt – assembled, just not quilted.

Car seat cover – have the fabric. That is all. (Uh, oh.)

Nursery mobile – crocheted, not assembled. No idea how I’ll assemble it, frankly. (Uh, oh.)

Kitchen – empty, sand, prime and paint cabinets; replace counter; find new sink; rip up floors.


Non-baby related post coming soon once I get my thoughts out of their current jumble, all financial in theme. I haven’t written a soul-searching commentary in a while, so we’ll see if I’ve lost my mojo.


7 thoughts on “Baby stuff short list

  1. Sounds like you are very well organized!

    I had two different bath items (one is a plastic tub, the other is like a little reclining chair which you shower the baby in) and don’t use either of them. Instead, we take a bath with the baby, which is much more fun and relaxing: sort of enforced rest time for you too.

    If you are breastfeeding, then you should probably get bottles that are compatible with your breastpump, so you can pump directly into them. I did this and it’s really convenient.

    I bought the California Innovations Hobo Bag, which is neutral (orange). But the lining has already ripped, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. We looove our Tommee Tippee bottles. The nipple is rrally big and apparently works the same as a breast. My daughter didn’t have any problem going back and forth (I nursed at home but she took bottles to daycare). The bottles weren’t compatible with my pump (Medela) but I didn’t see any issue with that – I pumped into the Medela bottles at work and brought them home and transfered them to the Tommee bottles, or to freezer bags.

    Also, I have the Rock n Play, and my daughter slept in that (next to our bed) for the first 12 weeks of her life. We loved it because it was bed height and she was on an incline, which was nice for night feedings – I’d feed her in bed, and then put her back on the RnP and not worry about her choking on spit up. Also, we still use the RnP (she’s 6.5 months now) when she is congested (love daycare for those germs…. eh) and needs to be able to breathe at night. I find that when she’s laying flat, the mucus pools at the back of her throat and she wakes up a ton during the night. Not so with the RnP. Oh, and it’s just high enough that our dog can’t really get her nose into it. That was a bonus!

  3. My two cents– Buy the pack n play sheets (cheap and one less project). Buy a few different kinds of bottles/nipples. Our baby takes anything but I’ve heard about picky babies so you never know. Also? Since I was sure I was breastfeeding, I didn’t worry about bottles at first but ended up needing to supplement due to jaundice at Day 4. Bottles? Good. Breast pump right when milk is coming in? Also good. Sent hubby to buy cheap manual pump lest I die. We haven’t used the baby tub that much–started with sponge baths and often bathe/shower with baby. Hardly ever use the full-sized diaper bag. And baby loves her bouncer. It was a gift but at $40, it has totally been worth the money. And I don’t recall reading about needing to keep babies flat. Mine needed to be kept upright following feedings to reduce spit up. Agsin, just my 2 cents–all babies/mommas are different. Oh, and great progress on your list!

  4. I agree that you ought to buy a couple different types of bottles (and everyone you talk to will have a different recommendation). My daughter HAAAAATES the wide-mouth ones like the Soothies brand — she does really well with the Dr. Brown’s (they limit the amount of air the baby takes in, so she gets less gassy — she definitely prefers the breast and is still figuring out how to do a bottle without choking herself or taking in so much air she’s gassy for the next two hours). We’ve got a friend whose baby has reflux and he also does well with the Dr. Brown’s.

    As far as the pack n play sheets — I’d recommend grabbing one, since they’re cheap, so that you don’t end up stressing out to get them made before your baby arrives. If you get them done, great, but if not, you’ve got one on hand to buy yourself some time.

  5. With babies #2 and 3 I skipped the bathtub and instead showered with them in my arms. It was an infinitely more pleasurable experience for all involved. My favorite diaper bag is the Lands End Little Day Tripper- I’ve had three of them (one was ruined, one I gave away after baby #2 and one I bought because of surprise baby #3). Bottles- for a breastfeeding baby you want slow flow nipples. If you’re getting a Medela pump (get a Medela pump), you can just use the bottles that come with the pump. You didn’t ask but definitely get the Lansinoh breast milk bags. They’re cheap and work really well. Medela bags are notorious for leaking. And don’t forget breastpads. You won’t need them forever but the first week or two you’ll leak. A lot.

    Also, I’m going to throw my two cents in about supplementing, especially if your baby has jaundice: don’t do it. All three of my babies had jaundice and my first was in the hospital for a week because of it (he was a month early and had a very dangerous form of jaundice). In order to eliminate the billiruben in their systems babies need to poop. Breastfed babies poop A LOT. Formula fed babies do not. Formula often constipates babies. Also, prepare this mantra for ignorant nurses and doctors who are not supportive of breastfeeding (and, yeah, a lot of them push formula as though they’re dealing the stuff): If my baby is having at least 6 wet diapers a day, he’s getting enough to eat.

    Bouncy chairs are teh awesome!

    Also, babies don’t need to lay flat as much as possible- in fact that’s probably not a good idea. You want him to sleep on his back when he’s lying in his crib. See this article If the little guy has reflux or a cold or gets frequent ear infections, you might want to consider elevating the head of his crib to make nighttime easier (we just use phone books and shove them between the head of the mattress and the bottom of the crib).

    Finally, I would really encourage you to not make a cover for your car seat. First, if you do it it will null and void any warranty that comes with the seat. Second, it can interfere with the seats ability to keep your baby safe in the event of a crash. Just buy an extra cover (companies like Britax sell a variety of patters for their covers) and you’re good to go.

  6. I would highly recommend the following – pick and choose what is right for you!

    -Diaper Dude unisex diaper bag in black!!!
    -Bouncy chair/lounger!!!
    -Co-sleeping! (Our babe loathed the bassinet.)
    -Breastfeeding as long as possible!!
    -Pumping as much extra milk as you can in the early months for freezer stash (Your supply may dwindle later on…)
    -Start introducing bottles around 2 months (We used Born Free bottles, but I’ve heard Dr. Brown’s are also great.)
    -Bathe along with baby in bathtub in the early months
    -Infant swing that plugs into the wall! (Such a comfy space for baby & saves $$ on batteries.)
    -Pack-n-Play is nice to have for nap time and/or traveling.
    -Halo sleep swaddlers (Our hospital gave us 2-3 of these and baby loooooved them for the first few weeks!)
    -Infant gas medicine
    -Gripe water
    -Nasal aspirator
    -Simply saline

  7. Great list! Here’s my two cents. I agree with some of the others above: just buy the pack n play sheets, and don’t bother with a car seat cover that might not fit exactly or might not be completely safe. You might consider roller shades rather than blinds–they make the room darker and don’t present a strangulation hazard. Definitely get a pump (Medela Pump in Style is great) but don’t open it yet; sometimes your insurance will cover a pump if you have any trouble breastfeeding at first, so you might end up returning it if you get a free one. Get some bottles just to have in case–we like Dr. Brown’s too, but you can always get something cheaper and then see how the baby likes them. good luck with everything!!

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