The crib decision

Or rather, the pending crib decision. (You didn’t think I’d decided something after only a day of obsessing, did you?)

Background: we bought a crib in “antique white” that I didn’t like, returned it, ordered it in “wood” and waited forever to get it, and then it was freaking CHERRY. Argh. I hate cherry furniture. I mean, if you love cherry furniture, awesome for you, but I can’t stand it for myself.

When asked what would suck less, taking the crib back or painting it, my husband opted for painting. Without a second thought. This just proves that my role as the family painter is firmly settled. (Smart guy chose the option that involved hearing me complain about not knowing what color but no actual work for him.)

So, we’re painting the crib.

The nursery is this color:

Source: Making It Lovely’s bedroom

Yes, dark and moody and fantastic.  It reads a little more brown in our house, perhaps owing to our wood trim.

The crib looks like this (ugg):

My initial inclination was to paint it navy blue. I’ve already used this color on our front door and porch and love it (it reads much darker in person):

My husband, however, asked why I was determined to make the nursery a goth enclave. Oops. I do love dark colors.

Now I’m thinking of painting it a bright, happy, “like the grass” green, a’la this color by Martha Stewart (I just love her paint palette though I get it matched in no-VOC Olympic paint):

Or perhaps brighter, like this color by “Ben” (aka Benjamin Moore):

Or red!

source: Apartment Therapy’s ohdeedoh (If you click through to see the other pics, you’ll know why I’m still ambivalent about my decision not to paint the nursery bright white with one black chalkboard wall, like our guest room, which I LOVE.)

The “color theme” if you can call it that revolves around primary colors, hence the dark walls to balance out the craziness. “Green like grass, blue like sky, yellow like sunshine!”

I bought this DwellStudio pattern in a skirt for the crib because it’s just the right versions of the colors I picture when I think of the nursery:

Nope, not a speck of red, but it could be “red like stop signs,” no? I kind of love that it would be the only thing red in the room. *sigh* I suck at deciding.

To try to give you a better sense of the room, the rocker is wood and will soon be slipcovered in bright yellow canvas much like the yellow taxi car on the fabric above. The changing pad thing is navy blue. The other furniture is brown wood. Um, that’s it. Haven’t really done much else in terms of decorating or color. White blinds on the windows don’t count, right? The ceiling is a blue so light you can’t actually tell it’s blue.  Someday I might grab a green rug from IKEA (you know, the next time I’m in the neighborhood, four hours away); for now the floors are unstained oak. I believe sheets should be blue and curtains should be white. I have big dreams of DIY’ing some shelving for the corner of the room which I will likely paint to match the walls on the outside and the four/ five room colors inside (yellow, blue, blue, green, red?). Or maybe navy blue, ha.

My crib is clearly a different style from the red Jenny Lind crib, and not at all like the one bright green crib I found while searching… so what do you think?


In other news, I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks contractions since Sunday and they leave me oddly light-headed. Not seriously “I must lie down lest I pass out” lightheaded, but “whoa, I feel kinda funny and light” lightheaded.


20 thoughts on “The crib decision

  1. The red is gorgeous. I’m also a huge fan of mustard yellow. We picked up a thrifted crib, and it’s also cherry. I hate it, hubs loves it. I was going to paint it (with my trusty Olympic no-VOC, holla!) but my mom put the kibosh on that saying that the kiddo will teeth on it… what’s your opinion, since you are painting? Do you plan to seal it? I’ve been doing all my preggo sealing with non-toxic water-based Mod Podge, but it can peel really easily.

    I vote go with a bright color. It will add just the right amount of pop against the grey walls.

  2. I personally think the red would be a bit too much. Red is one of the first colors baby can see, so he may have a hard time not focusing on it. I think a navy or a green might be less stimulating, so hopefully he’d sleep easier. But that’s just my $0.02. I like the bay leaf color.

  3. I’m all for the brighter green. As for sealing it, Young House Love uses something safe for babies. I think they mentioned it on their giant sofa table post (I think I remember you reading them).

  4. I know your husband doesn’t want to return it, but would it not be a million times easier to get a different crib than all of this rigamarole? I’m just giving a loving reality check and saying it… that’s all.

    • @Meg, Only if I found another one I liked at roughly the same price, which I haven’t, unless we make the three-hour trip to Atlanta IKEA, and even then, we’d have to get a different crib mattress.

      The cribs with looks I could live with are either made of pressboard or way expensive. While I hate the finish on this one, it is solid wood, built well, and generally good quality for the $150 I ended up paying. The reviews are good, the mattress fits nice and tight, and it’s appropriately sized for the nursery.

      Bummer it’s shiny ugly cherry!

      • @Marisa, As long as it makes sense to you! I just couldn’t imagine painting all those spindles… bleh… but $150 for a solid wood crib is pretty good. I’m not a fan of cherry either.

      • @Marisa, Have you thought about Craigslist or a resale shop? You may have luck there. We found a good non-dropside crib at a local thrift store and scored it for 80 bucks. There are so many amazing cribs out there in the blogosphere, and quite a few sourced CL for their finds!

  5. I’m voting with Team Green. I love that bedding! I think the green would look cute with it.

    I am due 8/8 – now you will have me awaiting Braxton Hicks contractions too! Don’t think I’ve felt any of those yet.

  6. Every time I have a color dilemma, I play around in Photoshop – that’s how I decided on a zebra print door and the color scheme for our nursery…not sure if you have PS to play with but I love doing that stuff. If you want to send me a picture of the room or just the stuff you’re debating on changing or adding (crib, rug, etc) I’d love to waste time at work and play around with different options for you! Email me if you’d like, it seriously makes it so much easier to visualize before jumping right in.

  7. I love the way the red pops. Then again, I’m getting ready to paint my toddler’s furniture red and once painted my kitchen cabinets red so I may be biased where the color is concerned.

  8. return the cherry and buy a crib finished in the color you want. then it will be sealed and safe for baby and will be professional.

    If your husband paints over the cherry, it might get paint in the hardware and will get stuck. Or peel.

  9. be careful with a used crib. Safety standards have improved. A crib that has been taken apart and put back is not as snug fitting. At least the cherry is new and safe. Old cribs may have larger slats or spaces between the slats — not safe.

    Focus on safety. The color is less important and you will be using a toddler bed in a year anyway — and that will be in use longer than the crib.

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