Weekend to-do (30 weeks)

So much to do, but I’m actually excited about doing it (as opposed to not being able to imagine getting my bootie off the couch for more than five minutes).

  • Finish sanding the crib
  • Prime the crib
  • Sand and prime the nursery dresser
  • List the huge wood desk on Craigslist – again
  • Take the doors off the cabinets in the kitchen in preparation for this
  • Start conversations about DIY concrete countertops with my husband (gulp)
  • Decision: bookcase plans for the nursery (cubbies? shelves?) Cubbies!
  • Decision: laundry basket organizer or not? My husband is not a fan, but I love it, think I’d paint the baskets and the tower would solve my “where to put the monitor base?” problem. DEFINITELY.
  • Wash crib bedding
  • Assemble the mobile I crocheted months ago (ahem, first have to find the pieces, but they’re somewhere!)

Given we’re spending Saturday morning at Hypnobirthing classes and Saturday afternoon at a wedding, this list is even more ambitious than on a normal weekend, but perhaps we’ll have a super productive Sunday. (“We” = me hoping my husband will make progress on the half-built fence in our yard!)

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