Weekend to-do's: week 31

The crib is painted (okay, 90%… I still need the second coat on the not-attached side) and needs a clearcoat, which I can’t find and now need to buy. I also need to talk my husband into doing the work — correctly (multiple very thin coats). We shall see how that goes.

Repost big wooden desk on Craigslist. (Need the room in the nursery!)

Decide on the color to paint the nursery dresser. (Navy blue? Green to match the crib? White?)

Consider waxing the drawers so they slide more easily.

Sew a crib sheet. (I debated buying them but c’mon! $25 for a sheet? And I need a bunch? CRAZY. I can buy perfectly adequate twin flat sheets at Walmart for $5. Yup, that’s cheaper than buying fabric, people, plus then I don’t have to go to Joann Fabric, which is officially more miserable a shopping experience than Walmart.)

Make some more baby wipes.

Make another cubby! We made one the other evening and it’s adorable!

Start thinking about wall art. Given the dark-and-moody colors I’ve chosen so far for the nursery, it’s time to find opportunities to bring in some white something. Clearly I have a plan. (Yea, no.)



Aaaand, to keep the boring to-do lists in one post, little things left to be purchased:

  • Wet bags for dirty diapers
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper pail (aka: trash can) and pail liners
  • A bath tub thing
  • Mini-blinds
  • A light (or just another paper lantern)
  • Nursing cover
  • Changing pad

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