Monday squared

One of the people on my staff just emailed me in exasperation, ending with “at least there is no Monday this week.”  So far, though, it feels like Monday squared.

The long weekend was really good if less (personally) productive than I’d hoped. I’m thisclose from finishing the second coat of paint on the crib and I bought the polyurethane for the next step, but didn’t even crack open the can.  I bought the lumber for five more cubbies but only got them unloaded into the garage.


Because I spent all day yesterday hanging out while waiting for my periodic five minutes of usefulness.  Yup, I was helping my husband put in our fence.

A fence! For the dogs! And the kid!

So excited. He’s doing the hard work himself… and if you know him, you know this is best, but frustrating. He has machinist’s sensibilities — so his tolerances are miniscule and his need for perfection significant — but, well, wood ain’t metal, ya know? In the end, though, the stuff he does is as close to perfect as can be which is pretty awesome.

So pregnant me drank tons of water and spent most of her time sitting and waiting while he mixed and poured cement, then waddled walked* over to hold the fence post level while he finished up. Times ten.  Thank goodness the posts we needed to finish were in the shade.

Our not so brilliant dogs never did get the hang of being outside, choosing to lay in the hot hot hot sun while panting and looking rather miserable instead of finding a shady spot, so I also spent a good part of the day imploring them to drink water and eat ice and stop being idiots in the sun until finally just sending them inside.

We have yuppie dogs.

All in all, though, a fabulous weekend. We had friends over on Saturday night. Their four month old daughter tried out many of our baby paraphernalia which was great fun. Pack ‘n’ Plays are pretty awesome! (Also, Jen, that crinkly book you sent was a hit.  Crinkles are like baby crack.)

Argh, gotta run. Back to Monday Squared. Pics of the cute cubby later today, hopefully.


*In HippieBirthing (aka Hypnobirthing) we listen to this birth affirmation script that reminds us that our babies and bodies know how to give birth, we have the courage to get through childbirth, etc. It’s a little Jack Handy but also kind of neat and has served to remind me of the power of one’s inner voice. So, instead of, “Oh, gawd, I am SO awkward and whale-like and tubby,” I’m saying to myself, “Look at me! I’m eight months pregnant and not waddling! I’m fit and doing really well! I’m healthy and incubating a creature!”

And for a fun 15 minutes, “I’m fully capable of picking up and loading lumber all by myself!”  This only until someone at Home Depot took the “do you need help?” question out of my hands and had somebody waiting to grab my cart and load the lumber into my truck before I could finish paying. I think it was a conspiracy to keep the crazy pregnant woman from hurting herself.


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