I can't picture my baby…

Apparently pregnant women dream of their children, sometimes vivid dreams where they get to meet their baby. They spend time in their (well-designed) nurseries, day dreaming of their child.

Um, not me.

I have no idea what this kid will look like. We strongly suspect he’ll have some crazy hair, but even when I try, I can’t picture facial features.

Eight months pregnant and it’s still not any less surreal.


12 thoughts on “I can't picture my baby…

  1. I couldn’t imagine my baby either when I was pregnant. It seems like vividly picturing your baby might just set you up for disappointment, since probably they will be nothing like you pictured. (My daughter was coated in white creamy stuff, had squished features and swollen eyes: not a Gerber baby!)

  2. I definitely couldn’t picture my baby either…and even now that he’s here (and has been for ten weeks), my husband and I still look at each other and say “do you believe we have a BABY!?” 🙂

  3. I couldn’t either. I’d sometimes have dreams where I found out if we were having a boy or girl. And I had a few where the baby was named and it was always crazy stuff. Oh, and I had one where I was taking the baby to the Day 4 well visit and they asked me the sex and I didn’t know. Even in the dream I figured that was a key piece of info a mother should know about her kid.

  4. Nope, I couldn’t picture either of them. I figured that they would be that darkish, pinkish color that many newborns are and probably have at least some dark hair. I was right on those counts, but couldn’t have predicted a thing more.

  5. My son is 9 weeks old and it’s still very surreal! There are moments when I can’t believe I’m a mother, or that my husband and I are actually doing it, being parents that is. It doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of it al though.

  6. I’ve had dreams where she’s pressed her nose or profile out of the side of my tummy and I’ve seen the imprint, but I think the only dream I had where I actually saw her face, she was Indian. If that ends up being true, um….I’m gonna have some ‘splaining to do.

  7. Hey Marisa,
    I’m pregnant too, (although just entered the 2nd trimester,) and I can’t imagine picturing my kid either… I totally agree with your sentiment that my relationship with this child will start when he/she enters the world!
    I have been reading (albeit not commenting,) all your pregnancy posts, and have loved them all. Now that you’re just a few weeks away though, I’m feeling a little sad that we haven’t seen a picture of you with your bump! I think the last personal picture you posted was from the wedding… and I dunno… as a reader, I would just love to *see* you… Know that might sound weird, but it’s part of sending you good wishes! 🙂

    • @Kate, Whoa that’s true! I know you’ve had troubled adapting to your constantly-changing body and I totally understand not sharing any “bump” pictures…. but oh pretty please, share! I KNOW you’re one of those ridiculously adorable pregnant women…! 🙂

  8. I had a lot of dreams before we knew we were having a girl where we were told “its a girl” but in none of them did I actually see her. I had a few late-term ultrasounds due to an excess of amniotic fluid and even then all I knew was she was gonna have some chubby cheeks.

  9. For some reason I think my son is going to look just like his daddy did when he was a baby – huge head, and bald (but cute!) But I’m also not having any dreams or anything – I just have a hard time imagining him looking like me.

  10. I have only had two dreams in 8 months and they were only abstract ideas that a baby was present- no facial details, didn’t know if boy/girl… nothing! I can’t picture ours either- not just you. People say when you meet your baby you’ll think, of course that is what he/she looks like but still hard to imagine.

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